Jennifer McDaniel: Dating Hulk Hogan

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Christiane Plante who?

It hasn't taken WWE legend Hulk Hogan long to move past his mistress - or his longtime wife, Linda - and on to a new blonde.

Meet Jennifer McDaniel. We only know two things about her:

  1. She was spotted alongside Hogan at LAX over the weekend;
  2. She looks exactly like Hulk's daughter, Brooke Hogan.

That second fact is far from a compliment, on multiple levels. Take a look at Jennifer McDaniel and Hulk Hogan right now:

Hulk Hogan strolls through the airport with daughter Brooke Hogan ... oh wait, sorry, that's actually his new girlfriend Jennifer McDaniel. Our mistake.

Here are two more Jennifer McDaniel photos, as she strolls alongside her musclebound man. Click on the pics for larger versions...

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They look great couple together.


I feel so sorry for Brooke,how embarrising!!!!!!!!


the bullmoose is loony


I agree that Linda was spoiled. Also, I have heard that Nick was a driver on some race team? How is that even possible? Nick Bollea is quite likely the worst driver in America. He is spoiled by his father's fame & wealth, just like his mother. Nick shows how much of a man he is by racing his Daddy's car on city streets, not risking his life for his country like John Graziano. I am certain that there are many Marines who would like to make a man out of he timid, whimpering weakling Nick Bollea.


Hott Thats some of the hottest @ss
hogan is gonna get, his kid is a looser
That poor marine and nick gets no time
BS F*** Him !!
The law has their head up their @ss
Their is no way I can believe that.
If that was me i would be up the CREEK


Wow! Dumbass.....your wife, Linda, should have been your everything.......I heard your convo with your son in judgement as far as your boy being locked-up, BUT ...BUT....BUT....WTF cant be "bible thumping" on your son living the life you do........another woman???....ummm.... bs.....father of the year......talking to your son about Jennifer???? WOW DAD!!!! LOL!!! Were you high when talking to your son???? "The silence"...."The sound".....take your meds and take your old man's nappy nap......."vibes"....goodness Hulkster....Brother...mid-life crisis much??? Poor Linda and Brooke!!!!!


Wow is this Jennifer a dog or what..Not that Linda was any better but come on Hulk you'd think you could get alot better then that....


I knew her from Delta and think she is a nice person not a ditz at all go Jen


I know her. She used to work for Delta in Tampa and Cincinnati. She was a ditz then and apparently still is now.


Do they look alike? I agree with Sean...get ur eyes checked! Jen is a beautiful person with a great heart and a free spirit! She has always been a WOW person...I got to tell ya Jen...WOW!!!

Hulk Hogan Quotes

I had a real period where I had a tough, tough time. I got caught off guard with this divorce thing. I didn't see it coming. My son is doing better. I pray for my wife every day. I am very grateful because we realize how very blessed we are. Now that we are aware, we are walking in the spirit of God. We are cool. We are way cool.

Hulk Hogan

I was offered lots of [reality] shows when I was making my career comeback against The Rock, but I kept saying no. But years later, it was my daughter’s career and son’s racing career that we were thinking about. We saw the Ashlee Simpson show and Jessica Simpson’s and Lindsay Lohan on the big screen and we just didn’t haven’t a vehicle to compete. But I considered it, because this time it was about the Hogan family rather than Hulk Hogan; they all wanted to do it and I tried to warn them about what they were in for. Now look what happened.

Hulk Hogan
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