Jeff Archuleta Speaks Out on Relationship with Son

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While millions of girls scream in delight over David Archuleta every week on American Idol, his father has come under fire for screaming of a different kind.

Celebrity gossip site, for example, has reported that Jeff Archuleta - a 47-year-old small business owner in Salt Lake City - has "screamed at his son and has even withheld water during rehearsals, even bringing his son to tears."

Is Jeff truly this hard on his talented offspring? Us Weekly recently spoke with him to find out...

How would you characterize your involvement with David's career?
Because I'm also a musician, I'm probably a little bit more involved. I kind of look at it like, 'I'm David's music consultant,' someone he can bounce ideas off, who can help him because I do have a lot of experience.

How do you collaborate with David?
When we have a chance to sit down and talk - which is usually at night or in the morning - we'll discuss the songs and the choices he has. He'll ask me what I think, and I'll ask him what he feels good about, and we'll arrive at a consensus. Sometimes he'll call his mom up and get her in-put. We have a family team that tries to help David feel good about his song choices.

When did you realize he had this talent and how did you encourage him?

I first realized he had talent when he was 4 or 5, and his mom taught him to play "Little Drummer Boy" and a church song on the piano. He played very well, but he was very shy and didn't really sing much. When we moved from Florida to Utah when he was 6, we didn't have a piano. I gave him a video to listen to one day just to keep him and his little brother busy while my wife and I were unpacking.

He listened to this video of [Les Misérables] literally the entire day. When I came back, David had memorized several of the songs, complete with the Cockney accent. He was just belting out these songs, in tune, and I thought, 'Wow, he's really got a good ear.'

Over the next couple of years, he got quite into musicals, like Into the Woods and Evita. He'd watch the videos and sing the songs, and I could tell he definitely had talent. When he was 10 and learning Celine Dion and some Whitney Houston songs, I started hearing that he was going after the runs and the licks that usually [only] the divas can do.

But he still didn't want to sing much, so we just had to wait until he wanted to. Then when he did, we just tried to find opportunities for him. We never were the type of parents who had him be in every talent show. He was in one talent competition when he was 10, and the next one he was in was Star Search.

He did very well. He had just turned 12 and ended up winning his particular division, Junior Singer. Obviously, he realized then that people like to hear him sing, and it gave him more confidence. The best thing was the feedback from people â€" that's been David's motivation. He thought, 'Wow, if I can make people feel good through my singing, then I feel good singing.' That's what he thrives on.

On the March 25 episode, viewers saw a glimpse of a girl. Ryan Seacrest said David was taking her to prom. True?
That wasn't accurate at all â€" that was just something Ryan said. Someone must have said something just because there was a friend of his [there] who happened to be a girl. It wasn't a girlfriend; she's more like his sister.


Miley, you are absolutely right. I think they are both nice people and should be recognized for the good they do, not for what people THINK about the supposed nesgative things about others. It is really easy to ruin someone's character, especially online. Just look at what everyone here is doing right now. Yes, many people will be curious about their relationship and geesh, it has been being talked about for months now, but in the end it is their choice and their business what they do.


Thank you for your input Miley, I love David, he is a wonderful person who has a great talent. I'm waiting for the cd to come out i have to wait two months cause it's coming out in November, I wish it was sooner.


Look, if Daggett was dating Archie, he would be considered a ped and a future sex offender. I sincerely doubt his father or mother would let him date a grown 28 year old. Even if David wanted too, it just ain't gonna happen.


Another thing What i meant was If he wasn't supporting of David then He or ANYONE ELSE could have spreaded rumors like this,but I've looked into it as well..I think the rumors are true


..ahmmmmmmmm..just answer my question,is david archuleta a gay or not?!!..


okay phillip daggett? first of all, google him. he lies all the time. he sued taco bell and has done alls orts of dumb stuff just for attention. and how could david aeven met him - phillip daggett lives in massachusetts and david is in utah. plus, david is mormon and phillip daggett is in his 30s anyway. if he is gay, i really doubt he's involved with this phillip guy. he obviously isn't really too involved with anyone, according to this first question: (click the link, read the first question) whatever. i love david whether he's gay stright or bi and i know theres literally thousands of people to back me up.(but being a teen girl i hope he's straight lol hes so so cute!!) he's wicked talented, has a great personality, is a total sweetheart, and he'll have an awesome career.


Excuse me. Just because someone is Christian doesn't mean that they aren't gay. I'm a firm believer in Christ, and I am attracted to the same sex. I understand that the Bible says many things about homosexuality, but if you really look deep into the Bible with a loving perspective, there is nothing bashing homosexuality. If David is gay, he is gay. There's no stopping it. It's not his choice at all. That's what makes him "him". Let him live his life and be happy.


Stop attacking at people! It is not fair to David or Phillip. You people are cruel and heartless. Whether they are together or not, or even if this is all a complete lie, I doubt very much because of the nature of this rumor that either David or Phillip would have wanted this kind of attention brought on his. You say that Phillip would make this up, and say to google him, that is fine, I see plenty, but nothing saying that he has ever made anything up, especially something like this. All of you need to cut out the bullcrap about this, from what I can see you have already been keeping this going for months now. Let it end already.


It is such a shame that you people have nothing better to do than talk about this child. Remember David is a child and making up rumors and lies to sale magazines and make money is shameful. 1st this boy is a gift from God, he has something magical and I hope that he can stay true to himself and be the person he wants to be along with being a star. Grow up people and leave David and his family alone.


Well, "The Hollywood Gossip" seems to attract troubled and demented human beings. "Star Mag" (who can't spell or use proper grammar) joins the host of losers who have been claiming nonsense about David A. and a Phillip Daggett character. But they never have any proof, other than mysterious "missing" or "removed" articles and pictures, LOL! David A. is such a great kid. These losers should let him be. Of course, David A. will have the last laugh as he gets great recording contracts and is surrounded by adoring fans -- while the people spouting lies about him are stuck in their bitter, ugly lives.

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