Jason Wahler & Katja Decker-Sadowski: 22 and Taken

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As we reported earlier this week, Jason Wahler, who served as resident jerk on MTV's Laguna Beach, then later reprised that epic role on The Hills in order to further torment girlfriend Lauren Conrad, has landed his own reality show.



Well, we've dug up some more information on it. The show, entitled 22 and Taken, will shadow the recovering alcoholic, his fiancée Katja Decker-Sadowski, "and their close circle of friends as they prepare for their eventual wedding."

That's according to Jason's own rep, Siri Garber.

This is a marked contrast to how Jason Wahler first described the show, which he said was going to primarily follow his "career" (we could not make up something that absurd) and keep his relationship with Katja "mostly private."

Maybe Katja Decker-Sadowski wants a taste of reality TV fame herself? You knew it was just a matter of time. What do you guys think? She is pretty cute, right?

She's no Lauren Conrad, but ... maybe not terrible?


What a world we live in where even racist losers get their own reality show.


First of all, he has NO reality show. What he has is what his friend came up with & it has not been bought by ANY network and he is not shooting anything. Second Katja does want her 15 minutes and she will wind up getting it because she has kept him on lock down so long that he's drinking again just to escape reality. Now, she will see the Jason everyone else is familiar with. And let's not let her off by being Miss Innocent, she's a pill poppin Vicondin/Oxy junkie just like he is. Best of wishes to them both, they deserve each other.


I say if they DO actually get hitched. Im going to forecast this one will last MAX 6 months. No offense but Reality couples DO NOT LAST and furthermore Jason doesnt seem to be the settle down type nor does Katja-I think she just wants her 15 mins of TV fame besides you should know that when the cameras are off 50 years from now you will still be missing the 'one' that got away


He's a racist what are they thinking giving him his own show?

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