Jamie Lynn Spears: Terrified of Giving Birth

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Jamie Lynn Spears is so scared about giving birth to a real-life baby that mother Lynne Spears has tried to ease her knocked up teen daughter's fears by showing her graphic videos of natural birth.

A Star Magazine source said:

Jamie Lynn Spears Pregnant Again?

"She wanted to show [Jamie Lynn Spears] what a woman goes through labor, giving birth, that it's a natural and beautiful thing... but all Jamie Lynn saw was the blood â€" or 'goop,' as she called it â€" the screaming and the pain. It was too graphic for her. She flipped out and literally got sick.

In Jamie Lynn's defense, Britney Spears scheduled c-sections for both Sean Preston and Jayden James, so this is likely the first she's heard of this.

Jamie Lynn Spears might want to go that route in the end.

The source added, "Jamie Lynn wants to be knocked out and then wake up when it's all over." Poor girl. At least Casey Aldridge will be there to comfort her, unless he's too busy closing on their new double-wide that day.


im so glad for you don't be scared at all you will be just fine if you dont worry trust me i've had a baby you just floa with floa=] (smiles) good night have a fine night hope i cya in hollywood


why are u so scared to have your child. you will be a great mom and i hope you and your mom and sister are screwed you are not like your mom and sister i love your show zoey 101 you were a great sister to dustin love your biggest fan cara and alyssa


jamie good luck and everybody should lay off her back cuz she is giving birth to a baby just like every other women may the only difference is she is giving birth at a young age soo who cares u wouldnt be complaining if it was you!!!!!!!!!!!!


Girl, u gone be just fine i no the feelin im pregnant to but im thinking bout wat im gone have at the end!!! take care


u can do it I did and im loving my life as a mom at the age of 19 my daughter is 1


Hey do not be scared everything will be ok. Yeah it is scary to imagine you giving birth and having the baby coming out. This is part of it though just think you will go through all this pain but in the end it will be well worth it you will have a baby. Congrats


Girl, I'm Scared MORE than anything about going in labor and having a baby myself. I'm 15 and due this month on the 15th. Go for a nice LONG walk and soak in warm-hot [heat you can take] bath.. Might bring on your labor!!.. GOOD LUCK!


listen i wouldnt be scared about giving birth but then agian im not pregant? just do this you can do it i got faith in you??????????


When she can f**k, she must live with the consequences!


what goes in must go out!

Jamie Lynn Spears Biography

Jamie Lynn Spears: Pregnant? Ding dang it y'all! Jamie Lynn Spears went and got cute little ass pregnant at a mere 16 years of age. The father is some guy named Casey... More »
McComb, Mississippi
Full Name
Jamie Lynn Marie Spears

Jamie Lynn Spears Quotes

More than anything, I just want this baby to have a normal life.

Jamie Lynn Spears

I had a perfect pregnancy and a perfect delivery. I was very blessed.

Jamie Lynn Spears
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