Jamie Lynn Spears: Due on July 10!

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Jamie Lynn Spears, while showing off her growing baby bump, has been trying to keep things simple and casual in Kentwood, La., as she prepares to give birth to her first child with baby-daddy-boyfriend-turned-fiance Casey Aldridge.

The 17-year-old, pregnant Nickelodeon star and younger sister of Britney Spears recently learned that her due date is July 10, celebrity news sources report!

Jamie Lynn Spears Pregnant Again?

A classic pic of Jamie Lynn and Britney Spears from the old days.

We cannot wait for the birth of Jamie Lynn Spears' baby on July 10th. Too bad she couldn't time it for September to coincide with nephews Sean Preston and Jayden James, but somehow we doubt getting knocked up was planned.

Anyway, if you wanna see pics of Jamie Lynn's baby bump, click here.

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heyy well i think in the begining it is something that u probally didnt want to happen u grown to love it i just turned 17 years old and i am 7 weeks pregnant and its is hard n it will be hard but that is one human besides ur mother that will love u with no conditions well i wish uthe best of luck kaitlyn andrea


this is for you jamie lynn. you are a wonderful human being noone should degrade you of what happened im 17 and also pregnant my family hates me for it but that doesn't stop me you will be a awsome mother,rock on girl! say hi to britt for me


hay jay i look at ur show every day i'm
18 years old
i want to wish u luck on your jaurny of becoming a mom i know u will do ur best n if u do that you could never fall


I had my daughter when I was 16 and she is 8 now. I know how hard it is even if the guy does stick around(we've been together 9 years). But Jamie like all young girls has the drive to get through it. I know in my heart she will be just fine. And to whoever is putting her down, you have obviously never had to deal with difficulties in your life, or maybe you think you are perfect, but let me tell you something, one day you will mess up, and I just hope you remember this when people are doggin you on your mistake! Good luck Jamie!!!


I found that there is no fault for Jamie for getting pregnant. Maybe she was being protected, and something happened. Not a big deal. The baby will be wonderful and you will be a wonderful mom. My best friend has a 7 year old and she had her when she was 15, after that all teenagers started getting pregnant. Because a star gets pregnant, people think its wrong. Well I have news for you, when is anyone ever ready to have a baby, honestly. This baby is a gift from God and he wanted her to have the baby for a reason at this time in her life. She may be young, but who cares. She will make it and there are others who will help her along the way.


hi wow i cant believe my fav star is pregnant it is ok it is not your fault some kids did accidently! i know who did same thing like you but they are deaf like me but their baby is beautiful


Congratz on becoming a mother! This probaly happened for a reason. I want you to know that I don't judge you for it, I mean, yeah I was disappointed at first - but people just need to accept what can't be changed. I'm sure you'll be a great mommy and I wish you and your family the best! :)


good luck at being a mother. I loved your Zoey 101 show it was great. I am truely sad that there are no more shows.Trust me you have a bright future. I am so excited for the baby! good luck in the future.


i wish u the best of luck n everybody make mistakes sum we just cant take back they r stuck wit us 4 life like a child 4 example good luck


Jamie, it is so sad that as much as you're exposed to that you did make sure you were well protected from getting pregnant. You are so young and have such a bright future ahead of you. Fortunately, your fame and wealth will make teenage pregnancy much easier for you to deal with. In reality, it is very difficult to deal with. There is no glamour in a pregnant teenager; you just got your drivers license in April 2007!