Jamie Lynn Spears Baby Bump Update: Growing!

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That makes sense, we suppose, since there is a human inside her (courtesy of Casey Aldridge). We've just never seen Jamie Lynn Spears' baby bump quite like this before ... the sidal action really accentuates that thing, don't you think?

Here's America's favorite unwed pregnant teen, who turned 17 and got her cute little butt engaged in the past month, doin' some shoppin' Thursday ...

Pregnant Jamie Lynn Spears Picture

Jamie Lynn Spears, 17, shows off her sexy, pregnant figure.

Supposedly given a due date of July 10, Jamie Lynn is gettin' ready to pop here pretty soon. This is by far the best Spears baby bump shot we've seen since Britney was still preggers with Jayden James (who we originally thought was Sutton Pierce)!

You've done well, Casey Aldridge. You've done well.

** UPDATE: JUNE 19 ** Sources confirm that Jamie Lynn Spears' baby was born this morning around 9:30. It's a girl named Maddie Briann! Yay! Congratulations to Jamie Lynn, Casey and the whole Spears family on the big news!

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you stupid scrue up why did you have to go and get pregnant?


hi im chloe as you alredy know anyway i cant beleave that she has a baby but its not fare for every one to give her a hard time i meen after what her xxxx boyfriend did to her oh ya and what an a hole im so sorry you should not give her a hard time jammy i just want you to know that the angels are looking out for you just remember dont let anyone bring you down your bigist fan chloe york bye!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


jamie dont listen to all the ad comments. .
- how is maddie doinn ilove u i cant belive its been 3 monthes sitns its she been born.well ilove you bye


so far jamie lynn seems 2 be doing fine. i know i don't want 2 be pregnant at 16 and that's in 6 months! she is still my role model and if she keeps her head up high, i know she'll go far.


omg her show's are so cute oh yeah shut up stupid miley cyrus the stupid one


i love you jamie my fav of zoey 101 is the one when its prome night but it was sad when you and james broke up y the i love u jamie p.s hows maddie doinn




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hey jamie spears i love your show zoey101 i watch it every night at 10.00 pm and 7.00 pm most of the time it comes on at 10.00 pm


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