Jamie Lynn Spears Baby Bump Update: Growing!

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That makes sense, we suppose, since there is a human inside her (courtesy of Casey Aldridge). We've just never seen Jamie Lynn Spears' baby bump quite like this before ... the sidal action really accentuates that thing, don't you think?

Here's America's favorite unwed pregnant teen, who turned 17 and got her cute little butt engaged in the past month, doin' some shoppin' Thursday ...

Pregnant Jamie Lynn Spears Picture

Jamie Lynn Spears, 17, shows off her sexy, pregnant figure.

Supposedly given a due date of July 10, Jamie Lynn is gettin' ready to pop here pretty soon. This is by far the best Spears baby bump shot we've seen since Britney was still preggers with Jayden James (who we originally thought was Sutton Pierce)!

You've done well, Casey Aldridge. You've done well.

** UPDATE: JUNE 19 ** Sources confirm that Jamie Lynn Spears' baby was born this morning around 9:30. It's a girl named Maddie Briann! Yay! Congratulations to Jamie Lynn, Casey and the whole Spears family on the big news!

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she really suits her pregnancy and i hope she knows better than her mum and britney! maybe she should hold off on the marriage???


and even so why does everyone care about her age?!? and say "whyd she do that to herself" i know many teen moms who have made it. it IS possible to be a good mother and be a teen, and its not unlikely either. i've really never seen a BAD teen mom. and "emma" she most definetly shouldnt be called a WHORE and a horrible example. why does everyone care so much what someone else does? this is why i go by "ONLY GOD CAN JUDGE ME"


KG. That was so gross and really mean! Don't say that. This is so sad that Jamie is pregnant. Why would she do that?


shes going to be an APPALLING mum. her own mum and her sister britney were both terrible mothers so why will she be any better? plus shes still a child herself and i bet her and casey split up eventually too...so shes probably going to be an even worse mother than the other women in her family. she is a whore and a terrible example to the very young children who watch and love her tv show. the whole Spears family is a wreck.


Does anyone know where I can get more pictures of Jamie Lynn in this cute outfit?


shes so cute... honestly.. think of this shes not the typical 17 year old... so its shouldnt be that weird shes having a kid. Child stars are so much more advanced and mature than the typical child. Shes going to be an amazing mom!!!!!


I still love her shows even though she pregnet!!!