Heidi Montag Debuts "Heidiwood" Clothing Line

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In breaking celebrity fashion news, Heidi Montag debuted her clothing line, entitled Heidiwood, at a Friday evening fashion show in Hollywood, Calif.

Breathe, people. Breathe.

That is a Huge Rack

Models hit the catwalk to model Heidi's fashion label as "music" from her upcoming, as-yet-untitled pop album blared over the sound system.

So sorry we had to miss this event.

Heidi Montag, 21, worked the runway in sky-high black stiletto platform pumps, short black shorts and a midriff-baring, zebra print halter top.

"I love zebra print!" she said. "I'm obsessed with it!"

Somehow we don't see Heidi-wood sales skyrocketing.

The real head-turning moment of the night came when Spencer Pratt popped on stage and gave Heidi Montag two dozen long-stemmed pink roses before kissing her on the lips. You may vomit at will, fans of The Hills.

"I mean, you know, we're up, we're down," Montag said of her relationship with Spencer after the show. "It's just the routine."

Though they are not living together, "the bottom line is that we love each other," the former best friend of Lauren Conrad added. "We always have and we're just trying to figure out our stuff, like every other couple."


I checked out the rest of her line and I love the Jeans and her signature T-shirt!
It's all about Heidi Wood baby!


Heidi rocks !!! I love the Zebra top and the shorts !!! I think it looks hot! I will look hotter than ever wearing heidiwood !!!


im pretty sure the heidi just makes me mad..she needs to find her own group of friends.all its going to do is cause drama..she should have thought more about this before


hahaha hell yes!!! mad haters!! You know you all love the hills and will buy anything related to it!


can u say haters?


HAHA!! What's next? She's such a poser. Heidi keeps saying that she is her own individual and doesn't want to be like LC, or Whitney etc..... the common element is that all the girls have new lines. The differece? Heidi's line is open only to prostitutes. =D


If you want something feminine and girly Lauren Conrad hits the spot, or alternativley you could look like a skank and buy Heidiwood! She looks like a hooker


this coming from the girl who couldn't hack in fashion school. if a person isn't even committed to learning about fashion why the heck would anyone even think about wearing clothes she designs let alone buy it.


I saw her line....for all her bragging.....that she was going to make it affordable....they look like $4.99 clothes hiked up 1000X....


does she look cheep or is it just me???

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