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Lauren Conrad: Allure Called Me "Basic B!tch" With Sausage Curls!

Lauren Conrad is anything but basic - to us - but Allure apparently views her as somewhat less exceptional than THG's editorial department.


What? I'm white and I have naturally curly hair just like Halle's. I just don't feel comfortable with it, because society tells us it's not pretty enough, so I have to blow it straight and it sucks and it's a hassle but I just feel better about myself when I do. I personally think she looks fierce with the afro and if she's comfortable she should go for it. It has nothing to do with race, almost all women have to do a bunch of crap to their hair, except for a few lucky bitches. We need to redirect our anger towards men, where it belongs. LOL Men suck.


No afro, straighter hair of any length just suits her features better. Few white women wear hair in the 'natural state' and most wouldn't look better if they did either. Not everything is racially motivated.


I think her hair looks awesome in a afro and I'm white. Not all white people are the same. In fact, everyone person of any race is not the same.


Why is a woman considered beautiful when her hair is long and straight yet not when its in any form that resembles an Afro? Popular culture gives black women a complex we jump through hoops to straighten, bleach, and change our hair and its exhausting and affects our lifestyles! Why can't she be beautiful when her African-American hairstyle is presented. Articles like these are offensive to women of color everywhere.


Ita...but there is nothing wrong with 'nappy' hair either. Hair is hair.


how dare you critisize her for wearing her hair in its NATURAL STATE. I guess white people cant deal with a black person whos proud of thier naturally curly (not nappy) hair