Face-Off: Is Rumer Willis Beautiful?

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Rumer Willis is on People magazine's annual Most Beautiful People in the World list. Your comments and opinions on this matter are encouraged in our Face-Off as The Hollywood Gossip staff debates the following question ...


YES by Free Britney

The fact that some superficial editor even thought up this Face-Off topic leads us to a broader question: Why is beauty synonymous with certain types (say, Blake Lively) and not, as the saying goes, in the eye of the beholder?

Can beauty not take different forms? Or mean different things to different people? If Rumer Willis does not meet stereotypical bombshell criteria, is she less of a person? Does this make People less of a celebrity news magazine?

Of course not. Rumer Willis is very beautiful, inside and out. Kudos to People - and Chace Crawford (Rumer has it) - for possessing the values, heart and courage to break these negative societal paradigms.

NO by mischalova

We're guessing Rumer Willis was as surprised as we were to discover she made People Magazine's 100 Most Beautiful People in the World List.

After all, this actress has been through more hairstyles than Carmen Electra has husbands. You simply don't change your looks that many times if you're a fan of them.

Moreover, if you put the executives at People on the hit FOX reality show Moment of Truth, we're guessing even they'd admit Rumer Willis is far from attractive.

But she is edgy. And edgy sells!

There are only so many times a magazine can feature natural beauties such as Megan Fox and Audrina Patridge on its cover. We get that.

And we don't blame People for including Rumer for the sake of shock value. But they can't blame us, either, for calling them out on it.

Rumer Willis: Beautiful

Rumer Willis: Hot or not?


It's her big head and big jaw and then she has this tiny weird mouth with the big jaw and this weird nose...


I personally don't think she is pretty at all. She is shaped rather manly. She has had some pretty awful hairstyles, is currently pretty pasty, has a smushed in looking nose, and has an weird shaped face. She didn't get her mother's looks, that's for sure.


I think she is very beautiful. In so many pictures she is looking so energetic and radiant. I love her eyes, and everytime I see her strong and happy face she looks more beautiful.


Personally I think she's pretty. She looks exotic to me.


I don't believe that in these days..that is 2011... People (or should I say neanderthals, the real missing links) will say that someone is ugly because they may not have the right nose or eyes to them. People....she is as u as I are all beautiful creatures. Your probably the type to date someone solely on looks and be disappointed at why the relationship left someone cut up and bleeding. She is beautiful. Her eyes. Her beauty marks. Okay so her nose might be a bit strange. Do you know how much teasing she must have got as a child. People like that turn out to be the nicest people. So you guys take all those awful comments back.


Elisiamarie, we all know you are Rumer HAHAHA the missing link- OMG I LMAO when I read that- SO TRUE!


She's a dog- butt ugly, hideous looking, you gotta be kiddin me? Beautiful, hahaha, in her dreams


You people are fucking assholes!
Rumer is very beautiful/attractive/gorgeous!!
You guys are probably really unattractive to talk shit about her.


She is absolutely not pretty. She needs to have something done to her face. She looks like a freak!!!


Her jaw. Please. She looks like the missing link.----------
LMAO...omg so funny and TRUE!!

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