Face-Off: Are Miley Cyrus Photos Inappropriate?

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Miley Cyrus, 15, has recently come under fire for her controversial topless photos in Vanity Fair. Your comments and opinions are highly encouraged in our Face-Off as The Hollywood Gossip staff members debate the following question ...


YES by mischalova

By law, Miley Cyrus cannot drive a car. She cannot vote, purchase tobacco products, appear in adult videos, serve in the Army or take a sip of alcohol. There is a reason for this: those in charge of this great nation have deemed such activities to be inappropriate and dangerous for a 15-year old.

Whether you think the topless photo of Cyrus in Vanity Fair is "racy" or "artistic," you must agree that it is inappropriate and dangerous, just as sending the singer into the battlefields of Iraq, armed with a voting booth and pack of cigarettes, would be.

At its heart, covering one's bare body with a blanket is a seductive pose.

It's been duplicated throughout time by beautiful women such as Megan Fox and Christina Aguilera. Do you really think they were trying to be artistic, or attempting to sell their records/movies via their sexuality?

Eventually, this may be a permissible path for Cyrus. But not yet. A 15-year old should not be seducing anyone with anything but a catchy beat and a sitcom.

NO by Free Britney

Judge not lest ye be judged.
- Matthew 7:1

How quickly we vilify celebrities - but for what purpose? Jealousy? Self-righteousness? A misguided belief that celebs are (or should be) perfect humans?

Before you get up on your high horse regarding these Miley Cyrus photos, ask yourself what she has ever done to you? By posing for these (tasteful, artistic, innocent) pictures, Miley committed no crime - except in the court of public opinion.

Face it, she is being held to an unfairly high standard simply because the Disney Channel cuts her paychecks. That is preposterous.

Cyrus is a fine young woman who has every right to make her own decisions regarding her body and her image. If offered the cover of Vanity Fair, and a photo shoot with Annie Leibovitz, maybe a lot of us would jump at that chance.

You know it's true. So cut this wonderful, sexy star some slack, enjoy her fine contributions to the entertainment world, and move on.

Miley Cyrus Naked
Miley Cyrus Nude Pic

What do you think? Which side of this Miley Cyrus Face-Off are you on!?


OMG, people need to get over it! Miley posed for Vanity Fair, not Playboy. The photos are artistic and beautiful, not inappropriate.


I dont forgive Miley.I used to be a huge fan of her though.But not anymore.Theres a whole bunch of little girls that look up to her and she knows that and shes just going to do a photo shoot like that.And I know everyone makes mistakes but she knows what Vanessa did so shes going to do it.Thats just my opinion.


I believe that it is too sexual for a 15 year old girl but it is a career move. She is getting attention from both media and fans. She is just taking her career to the next level. Though it doesn't make it right. She is under age and printing those picture is just the same as making child porn.


I'm on the latter. Miley has made a mistake, but she would not be under nearly so much pressure if it wasn't for her role in Hannah Montana. Give her a break. The girl is only 15! Cyrus deserves a second chance.


I really don't know what to say because i really looked up to her & wanted to be like her until i heard what she did. It wasn't that Vanity Affair shoot, but the other pics. It's disappointing! :(


The only reason these are controversial is becuase the media is giving this too much attention. She isn't showing anything inappropriate not to mention they were taken by a well-respected photographer for a well-respected magazine. The headlines on ET last evening were talking about this...and then in the same sentence they show Julianna Hughes (DWTS) in nothing but a flag. But that supposedly is OK - the media twists and turns things to get a story and a rise out of people. Miley should be proud of herself and the media should quit looking to ruin someone's image.

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