Face-Off: Are Miley Cyrus Photos Inappropriate?

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Miley Cyrus, 15, has recently come under fire for her controversial topless photos in Vanity Fair. Your comments and opinions are highly encouraged in our Face-Off as The Hollywood Gossip staff members debate the following question ...


YES by mischalova

By law, Miley Cyrus cannot drive a car. She cannot vote, purchase tobacco products, appear in adult videos, serve in the Army or take a sip of alcohol. There is a reason for this: those in charge of this great nation have deemed such activities to be inappropriate and dangerous for a 15-year old.

Whether you think the topless photo of Cyrus in Vanity Fair is "racy" or "artistic," you must agree that it is inappropriate and dangerous, just as sending the singer into the battlefields of Iraq, armed with a voting booth and pack of cigarettes, would be.

At its heart, covering one's bare body with a blanket is a seductive pose.

It's been duplicated throughout time by beautiful women such as Megan Fox and Christina Aguilera. Do you really think they were trying to be artistic, or attempting to sell their records/movies via their sexuality?

Eventually, this may be a permissible path for Cyrus. But not yet. A 15-year old should not be seducing anyone with anything but a catchy beat and a sitcom.

NO by Free Britney

Judge not lest ye be judged.
- Matthew 7:1

How quickly we vilify celebrities - but for what purpose? Jealousy? Self-righteousness? A misguided belief that celebs are (or should be) perfect humans?

Before you get up on your high horse regarding these Miley Cyrus photos, ask yourself what she has ever done to you? By posing for these (tasteful, artistic, innocent) pictures, Miley committed no crime - except in the court of public opinion.

Face it, she is being held to an unfairly high standard simply because the Disney Channel cuts her paychecks. That is preposterous.

Cyrus is a fine young woman who has every right to make her own decisions regarding her body and her image. If offered the cover of Vanity Fair, and a photo shoot with Annie Leibovitz, maybe a lot of us would jump at that chance.

You know it's true. So cut this wonderful, sexy star some slack, enjoy her fine contributions to the entertainment world, and move on.

Miley Cyrus Naked
Miley Cyrus Nude Pic

What do you think? Which side of this Miley Cyrus Face-Off are you on!?


i used to be a big fan of MC....... but now all i like about her is her show Hannah Montana and yet these photos r inappropriate for her younger fans


I rlly dnt c wa da big deal is......its not lyke she showin....."things"........besides er bac??!!....


Im not a big fan but wat is the big deal every 15 year old makes mastakes at leats shes not preganent or got a dui!!!!!!! Every 15 year old makes mastakes and sure shes a roll model but do you think nine year olds are really kenn about this knews?? no, she isnt going to go and pose like that on tv so really!!!!! the thing we dont realize is that shes just like every body else so when she was fascing tough times she died her hair but as much am im sure she loves her fans she cant be perect and the stuiud thing is that if say ur bff got a dui (drunk drivin) no one would know and sure parents and police wouild be made but it wouldnt even be as bad as so "RACY" photos!!!!! Give her a break


i think she should not do that
she is only 15
is was pressured duh duh


I don't think she should have posed for those photos. She is a HUGE role model for young girls everywhere. We don't need 7 and 8 year olds thinking that it is right to do this sort of stuff. Plus, she looks ugly in those pictures. She doesn't look like her normal, pretty self.


I see ribs! She shouldn't become one of those child stars that do drugs become anarexics etc. Personally I don't care about the pictures but she's still 15 and that type of thing should be reserved for the of age crowd.


I don't see the big deal about this. Maybe if i thougt she looked good, but she just look's so pale and bland.Not to mention the photo look's as if any dum ass could've taken it,not pro modeling mag.


I think it was way to seducing of a photo for a 15 year old girl!!! She is only 15! if it's not that big of a deal then why didn't she wait till she was 18 to do the photo?!! Then she would of been an adult and that would have been fine. What makes me most sick is that the adults in her life think that this is ok. Her parents are always trying to make her sound so wholesome and good and innocent and then they let her do a photo like this, they are just like all the other messed up child star parents, they see this poor girl as a dollar sign. So sad


she is a huge skanky slut and needs to stop giving her directors blo jobs to get into movies and she needs to close her legs!!!!!!


I really do not think that they are bad because she is not fully nude I mean she still has some thing on or covering her. I am on your side Miley. Love Ya!!!!!!

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