David Cook is Awesome!!!

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We'll publish a more in-depth review of American Idol later on. For now, allow us to praise the singing specimen that is David Cook.

His version of Mariah Carey's "Always Be My Baby" was original, entertaining and professional-sounding. We rocked out to it.

So did Randy Jackson, who gave Cook his first standing ovation of the season. Paula and Simon agreed that it was the best performance of the evening and we can only hope David Archuleta fans agreed. Even they have to admit it at this point:

This David is seriously cooking.

What a Cook!

Check out David Cook rendition of "Always Be My Baby" right now. What do you think?


the truth of this is he's out this week not because he's bad but because idol will hold him back for 1 whole year doing what they want not what he wants
it happened to daughtry and it will happen to him so he can become the best and david archuleta will win the whole thing because he won't get as big as DC will without winning even though DC is better


wow. im like in love with him its so crazy=D i love all the songs he sings:) i vote like soo many times!! well go david cook !!


he is definately the most talented on that show. i think he is was better than david archuleta. this was an amazing performance. i never liked a mariah carey song before and i still dont like this song (her verison that is), but when he sang it, i loved it.


I just downloaded the studio recording of his version and it is amazing. I never thought I would like a Mariah Carey song and in a way I still don't, 'cause this is no Mariah song, it is now property of one David Cook.


He was amazing,omg He is so talented i love him and vote for him every week.At first i thought oh no but oh WOW he blew my mind<3

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