David Cook is Awesome!!!

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We'll publish a more in-depth review of American Idol later on. For now, allow us to praise the singing specimen that is David Cook.

His version of Mariah Carey's "Always Be My Baby" was original, entertaining and professional-sounding. We rocked out to it.

So did Randy Jackson, who gave Cook his first standing ovation of the season. Paula and Simon agreed that it was the best performance of the evening and we can only hope David Archuleta fans agreed. Even they have to admit it at this point:

This David is seriously cooking.

What a Cook!

Check out David Cook rendition of "Always Be My Baby" right now. What do you think?


David's voice is so amazing. He's great and I'm sick of all the stupid girls saying how much they HATE HIM. and how he is so butt ugly. David Cook and David Archuleta are equally amazing and I love them both. People are so mean. It's not David's fault that he's awesome and won. If ur gonna trash talk someone, trash the people who voted for him. Ok, don't really do it, just stop hatin.


David Cook had me at "Hello" :)


They both Rock!!!!!!!!!!!!


David Cook should totally win. I loved him from the beginning because he was original and different, and he can hit amazing notes that really fit in with his rearranged songs (which are AWESOME). I doubt he will win, just because of stupid David Archuleta's 'cuteness' factor, but my theory is this: David Cook doesn't need to win to have an awesome career, while David Archuleta NEEDS to win to even have a career. Go David Cook!


I am so in love with david cook. I loved him since day 1! I really want him to win, but then i dont because he would have to follow the Idol contract and so he wouldnt be able to do what he wants...
I really hate archuleta i think he sounds like an old man and hes not even that cute! I would hate to see him win. But i know either way david cook will do way better than archuleta!


To All Cookies, Please vote for David Cook. DA's fans can vote non stop for their idol, we cookies can do it too.....for our David Cook! He wants to win this and only we can make it happen. Vote! Vote! Vote non stop for David Cook! Let David Cook be the American Idol & lives his dream. See what Cookey says on AI website:-
What do you think gives you the edge in this competiion?
DC: I don't know if I have one, but I know that nobody can say they've worked harder for this or have wanted it more than me.


No more r&b, no more country, & no more crooners. We need a Rock Star Idol to Win for once. We've never had anybody win in the Rock category of Idolmania. And I think the Rock Idol should be none other than DAVID COOK. Rock on David!


After this week, it's official. David Cook is the best singer in this show.
Sorry to Archuleta fangirls, but he's OVERRATED. That's a fact. He does have a good voice, but he's not yet fully mature and the thing about him that appeals to teenage girls is that he's a really pretty face. Haha, somehow, DC and DA fans can't get along... My friends and I have this theory that the fans can'tget along cos they know that both Davids are the only real threat in the competition. LOL But back to David Cook, in my opinion, he is more versatile than Chris Daughtry. I do hope America will vote for him and that he will be the next American Idol. All DC has to do is glam up his final performance. Cheero


I totally agree with Matts comment. The exact same thing happenned here in the UK, the guy who won was cute and teenage girls loved him (although unlike david a he couldnt hold a note to save his life) but he wouldnt have had a career without the win. Its the record label wanting to maximise sales.


David Cook should but most likely won't win American Idol even though he is the best all around talent on the show, I think David Archuleta has the best voice, but David Cook has a very good voice and does everything else better than David Archuleta. David will finish 3rd or 4th. Oh and by the way nobody knows how easy it would be for that show to tamper with the votes to get what they want, so keep that in mind. It will probably be better for D. Cook if he doesn't win anyway. It's called the daughtry effect.

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