Classic Celebrity Pictures: Britney Spears Grabs K-Fed

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By the cojones, no less!

What gossip fan can forget this celebrity photo classic, starring the newly-engaged and ultra-horny Britney Spears and Kevin Federline, from back in 2004. Ah, to be young, in love and grabbing your fiance's package on a hotel balcony...

After a brief courtship, Britney Spears and K-Fed married, fornicated a lot, had two kids, and called it quits about two years later. Good times.

Celebrating her single status as of late 2006, Britney embarked on an epic binge of clubbing (with no panties on most of the time), violating traffic laws, hooking up with (then quickly discarding) random boyfriends, neglecting Sean and Jayden, and being committed to the psychiatric wards of two different hospitals.

Maybe being with Kevin wasn't that bad after all...


I think the pictures are showing normal stuffs done couples. Britney is still human, just like you. She's not perfect and she makes mistakes just like we do. Unfortunately, Britney Spears has been followed by Paparazzi and other photographers from around the world. Britney's been in the business for a long time and I think the problem is that she is being broadcast, printed and followed with every little thing that she does. That's why when she makes mistakes, people notice it right away. But I believe that Britney is not a bad person. She just experienced alot of trials and she screwed up. Just like what we do sometimes when we are in a bad situation. That happens to all of us. It just happens that there are no cameras following our every step.


burikat c britney hahaahah


Give it a rest. Go Britney!!!


seriously he was her down fall!!! down wif k-fed the west of space!!!!!!!!!!!


wad the?? how can?
hate it


She likes dirty men..and thats screwed her life after all....such a low-class whore..not surprising since she was a product of the B-grade whore Lynn Spears.


Its not fornication if your married!

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