Classic Celebrity Baby Pics: Dropping Sean Preston

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Well, almost. Luckily, an alert passer-by stepped in at the last moment to save Sean Preston Federline's head from hurtling towards the street.

Just the same, this classic celebrity baby picture sums up the tremendous parenting skills of Britney Spears like few others can ...

When he's old enough to appreciate this photo, Sean Preston will want to thank the gentleman who saved him from becoming a road pizza.

Britney Spears and Kevin Federline went on to create another son, Jayden James, just barely one year after Sean Preston's birth in September 2005. Brit then divorced K-Fed, partied with no pants a lot and went insane.


as the daughter of a rrnvoeeicg alcoholic and dealing with addictions of my own (OA) everytime i watch this clip it inspires me and makes me love craig ferguson even more. As much as I love Conan, this clip made it so he doesn't hold a candle to Craig. Nothing but respect for this man for being so honest.


that happened like forever ago! why won't people just leave her her alone! All i ever hear on celebrity channels is Britney shaved her head bold, britney almost dropped her son!Leave her alone!


Looks like the baby is okay. That's the important thing. Ally


You know, I am just about tired of the bringing down Britney as a mom. Well, guess what? There are WAAAY worse mom's out there than her. If everyone would just leave her alone. If you were getting chased by paparazzi you'd get all nervous too. Well, I think she just needs to be left alone so she can sort out her own problems without everyone butting in, she'd do fine.


WOW... you can not think of anything else to bring up about Britney spears you had to bring out a photo of a bunch of rude paparazzi following her and getting in her face when she was a first time mom. how pathetic.... shows how little you have on her and what lengths you will go to just to make sure everyone still forms a bad opinion about her.


why is this still in the news? let by gones be by gones, everything is written so tainted that everyone who comments has to say something rude as well. no one is perfect and people have all gone through some hard times and have done things that they aren't proud of. let everyone just move on,,,


OK, if everybody left Britney alone, she probably wouldn'y do so much bad things, I mean, she probably messes up from all the pressure, I'm looking in getting into singing/acting myself, and if I had all that pressure, I would probably crack to, I mean look at Kirsten Dunst, nobody pays attention to her and she doesn't do drugs, doesn't smoke, and she's fine with herself!! Now i'm not saying that celebrity's don't like attention, but they also like their space to, I know because my great uncle was the lead singer of the Styx!

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