Carrie Underwood: Bangin' or Not Bangin'?

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Despite our longstanding crush on Carrie Underwood, we're really not going for any sort of sexual innuendo with that headline. We're just talking about her hair.

Yeah right.

Anyway, for whatever reason, a lot of female celebrities dig the bangs these days. Some, like Katie Holmes and Victoria Beckham, just look frumpy and old.

Others actually pull it off, though. Here's a photo comparison of the lovely Carrie Underwood with her trademark look, and a bangin' variation on it ...

  • Carrie Underwood is Tops
  • Carrie Underwood, Bangs

Which hair style do you like better for the American Idol champion? And how crazy is Chace Crawford for breaking up with her - over text message no less?

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carrie underwood is so alsome so prettier than selena gomzes everybody is even a tolied hahaahha i love u carrie!


I prefer Carrie with long hair. Laying softly down on her shoulders. Although she is rather cute in a ponytail too.
As for all the celebrity gossip, she should marry Bryan Garten and be our first lady when he runs for President. He really loves her for her. He'll even sign a prenuptual agreement. He wants to hold her hand, gaze into her eyes, and make her fall madly in love with HIM ! LOL
Carrie, I love you baby. Tell Jessica hello for me, and Tony too. However, NO KISSING ALLOWED.
Love, Bryan Garten


Carrie Underwood is one of the few 'real' women in Hollywood. She's gorgeous and very talented. Who cares about her bangs?


Carrie is beatiful any day of the week. No hairstyle could take away from that.


Yeah the bangs make her look younger...but both hair styles are nice.


i like the hairstyle on the left she looks so pretty


Yea u look nice with both hair dues, but I'm going to have to go without the bangs, cuz u look older with them.. so yea, bangs got to go, I'm not saying u look ugly with bangs but no..
Got to go.....


I like the bangs. She's pretty either way though.


Carrie is so cute, no matter which way her hair is..but i do love the bangs.


She looks beautiful either way. Carrie have a beautiful face no matter what with or without bangs. Open your eyes guys. Don't lie about it.