Carly Smithson Expresses Shock Over Michael Johns Elimination

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The look on the face of Carly Smithson below says it all:

No Effin Way!!!!

That was the general reaction of all American Idol viewers last night, when it was announced that Michael Johns had somehow been eliminated.

As he sang his farewell song, the other finalists stood and clapped for their fallen Idol. Johns then moved from the stage to the platform behind the judges to be closer to the audience.

Earlier in the night, Simon Cowell had spoken for us all when he said: "I'm going to miss you. You're a very good singer and a very, very nice guy."

Will you miss Michael Johns on the show? 


I'm one of those who was not thrilled with Michael Johns performance on Tuesday, but I don't think he should have gone home. I don't think we have to worry though. He's destined to be a movie star. We will see plenty of him in the future. I'm probably going to be hated for this, but I for one am getting "unthrilled" with David Archuleta. His cutesy little boy routine is getting old, and I don't think the quality of singing is still there. If I hear one more person compare him to Josh Groban, I think I'll scream. They aren't even remotely close.


I think it was the wrong choice to vote Michael Johns off last night. He was the whole reason I was interested this season, now it is no longer nesscary to make sure I am home to watch. Good luck to all who are left. But no more American Idol for me this season. The voters were so wrong!!!


Over the weeks, Michael has time and time again performed wonderfully. Overall, he is consistently good and his voice is gorgeous when he's singing to not-so-loud music. I was certain he and David Cook would be the final two, or at least that MJ would make the final 3. This turn of events is incredibly surprising, though it's not the first time quality was overlooked by voters or that voters believed someone was so safe they didn't vote for them. The show suddenly has a huge ugly hole in it. Thankfully all the talent is quite good this year (Kristy - you too!) but really, Syesha has not continued to provide star quality, Brooke's has let it all slide and banters way too much, and Jason doesn't seem to care at all anymore and gets rave reviews when he "no longer" deserves them. For Michael to be gone now is just so wrong, it takes my breath away even thinking back to that moment the news was issued.


Why is everyone surprised? His song choice this week simply did not appeal to the voting demographic, (think young teenagers voting multiple times). This shows that a bad song and a kooky neck scarf can lead to disaster. He is most certainly talented, but who was he performing for? I hope the Irish lizard lady goes next.


UNBELIEVABLE! Makes you think the show is could this happen??? He's never been in the bottom 3 and Carly and Syesha have several times. Makes no sense at all. And are cruel and heartless for the way you handled and delivered the news. Shame on Ryan and American Idol for saying last year no contestant was let go at this stage and yet this year when a contestant such as Michael Johns who has never been in the bottom 3 you show no mercy. Lost so much respect for Ryan and American Idol. I felt the same shock when Chris Doherty was voted off...but look at his success now compared with the rest of the contestants and idol winner from that season....Michael Johns you too will succeed!


MJ is the best of all. he deserves for something great in future. he'll always be my idol go MJ! :D


I thought the final 2 would be Micheal and David Cook! Micheal is the most talented ,charismatic,gorgeous!!,off all the contestants--these phone in voting procedures really arent the way to go-the format of the judges deciding is soo much better-and fairer.hope you make a cd ,Michesl-ill be first in line!


Just proves that most voters have no minds of their own!


I will miss him- he was in my top 3 faves! Syesha seriously needs to go. She's not that bad, but it's an injustice when more talented people are going before her. I'm also still a little tiffed at the way Ryan made it seem like even though MJ had the lowest votes, he might be saved. Way to bring my hopes up and then slap them down!

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