Carly Smithson Expresses Shock Over Michael Johns Elimination

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The look on the face of Carly Smithson below says it all:

No Effin Way!!!!

That was the general reaction of all American Idol viewers last night, when it was announced that Michael Johns had somehow been eliminated.

As he sang his farewell song, the other finalists stood and clapped for their fallen Idol. Johns then moved from the stage to the platform behind the judges to be closer to the audience.

Earlier in the night, Simon Cowell had spoken for us all when he said: "I'm going to miss you. You're a very good singer and a very, very nice guy."

Will you miss Michael Johns on the show? 


They are all good singers so I believe every week will be a shocker as to who goes home. However, the show needs to get back to being a SINGING competition not a POPULARITY competition. If people just focus on the singing they will realize that the top 3 people are David Cook, David Archuleta, and Carly Smithson. I feel that people are judging Carly too much because of her tattoos and because she's not originally from the US. Who cares..she's an amazing singer and is hands down the best female vocalist in the competition. It would be amazing to see her in the finale because I believe she could blow everyone away! I believe a David Cook/Carly Smithson finale would be smokin hotttt!!!


So much for a talent contest. AI is just a popularity contest. Michael Johns should not have left. He, David Cook and Carly should have been top 3. Michael has never, ever been in the bottom 3. Why did he get voted off? How do we as viewers ever know what the true count was? I was a fan of Ryan's but no more. he was so rude saying last year everyone was safe and then telling Michael he was going home. What a way to give false hope. Explain how people consistantly in the bottom 3 are still there. I will still watch this season for David and Carly but I am very disappointed on AI.


michael was the best singer on the show he shudnt have left. i know that he'll do good tho and i will definitly buy his cd..i dnt care about a.i. this season anymore. now that michaels gone i hope carly wins.and im fed up with david a. as well but i wont be watchn


Michael should definitely have been saved. He is the whole package, an American idol. He is not only a great singer but he looks good too. I'm sure there is a record deal waiting for him. I'll definitely buy any album he puts out. Thumbs down to American Idol for not saving him like they did for the other contestant last year at this time by not sending anyone home. WHEN is Kristy going to go home. She is the worst singer of the lot. Her voice leaves a lot to be desired. As for Jason, pretty eyes but is anyone home? David Cook has a great voice but a lousy attitude. Good luck to Carly Smithson and David Archuletta. I'm done with Idol for the season.


im definitely done with this show. michael johns had more talent than at least 5 of the 7 left..i thought it would be him and cook in the final 2..hes my favorite, i wont give anyone else my votes and look forward to his career taking a big turn. we will be watching for you michael. oh, and ryan seacrest who i used to like, is someone i dont like anymore the way he handled it. it was outright mean and i am glad i will be rid of this show.


Kristy, Syesha, Brooke & Jason should have been eliminated ahead of Michael Johns. That is why few AI winner are not that successful.


I was in shock to see Michel going. He should have been one of the last three at the least. I don't even want to watch the show now because of the rude way he was told.


I am totally disgusted right now. Michael was my favorite idol and definitely had the most talent. Voting needs to be changed, more like dancing with stars and I'm not real happy with Ryan {jerk} I think they should shock us next week and bring Michael back


I hope David Cook is gonna win because he has the most of the talent. However Michael Johns i would put right next to him. Dudes, don't worry, he's already being signed by Randy Jackson! Brooke is nice but a bit short of a talent. And Jason has probably got a market, but i'm missing powerhouse in his voice.How come Amanda is gone!? The most original voice ever ever?!!!


It was too early for him to go.He is my favorite and I will stop watching now..Honestly, I didn't want him to win because I know he's better+bigger than Idol, but it wasn't his time yet..I would understand if he left top 6 because that's life..Crap happens..But he knew he was suppose to be top 5..I refuse 2 believe that he had the lowest amounts of votes!

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