Carly Smithson Expresses Shock Over Michael Johns Elimination

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The look on the face of Carly Smithson below says it all:

No Effin Way!!!!

That was the general reaction of all American Idol viewers last night, when it was announced that Michael Johns had somehow been eliminated.

As he sang his farewell song, the other finalists stood and clapped for their fallen Idol. Johns then moved from the stage to the platform behind the judges to be closer to the audience.

Earlier in the night, Simon Cowell had spoken for us all when he said: "I'm going to miss you. You're a very good singer and a very, very nice guy."

Will you miss Michael Johns on the show? 


People are nuts, Is has to be popularity test. Michael was undoubty the best of American Idol. I can hardly wait for him to have a CD out , hopefully a whole album. I am waiting Michael. go get them Michael. Liz


hey, ok people when carly went home that was a GINORMOUS mistake!!!! i cried myself to sleep!!!! it was horrible!!!! But when the tour comes out i will be there in Washington even tho i am from Montana but carly smithson is the best thing that ever happened to american idol she was the mix of everything that they needed and simons tough critism was only intended because he knew she was a star he was only making her better and better even tho she was already fabulous!!!!!!!!!!!


I am still bummed out about your departure. You have a bight future ahead of you. You are going to be a legend, a household name, just like Elvis. I was there watching him on the Ed Sullivan Show, just like watchinjg you on television now. You have got a hold on me. Going to buy all your albums and videos, for all my friends and family and me. Hope to see you in Minneapolis. Jeanette xoxoxo


I have maintained for years that everything about this show is "fixed" by the producers. Since they are committed to signing the winner, they want to insure their choice wins. In this case, I believe they want David Cook to win because of his similarity to Daughtry, and because of Daughtry's success. With MJ also being a rocker they were afraid that splitting votes between those two contestants could result in Cook's untimely elimination, so they conveniently arrange for MJ's early dismissal.
-- MJ does have better vocal skills, but Cook's vocal skills are pretty good, and his musicianship (arrangements, creativity, etc.) are better, and his musical style is more contemporary. From an exec's point of view, Cook is a better commercial package.


Hey MJ rocked- Carlie rocked if those two got together someone would make millions off that album - I'm watching from NZ and see that quiver lip finally got her just deserves 'GO BACK TO THE KIDS' now ifonly the little kiddies canhave there phones banned for next weeks vote that should take care of David A thank god!!!!!!!!!!! we wish DAVID C I wish you all the best - Michael J you were my favourite fromthe first Queen song you are totally amazing and I hopeany one who knows him or reads this can pass it on he is a beautiful singer with more talentthan any of the other guys and I wiah him all the best


Just to express my disappointment over MJ's elimination. To me, he's the best costestant so far with positive attitude and he has got the looks too. Since his elimination, i rarely watch American Idol and i dont find the contest as exciting as before. Anyway, good luck MJ!!


Yes, what ever happened to the judges infamous quote: "America got it Wrong"


american idols is stupid! ramielle's origin is from the philippines, michael is from australia & carly comes from ireland.. hmm, i guess i can tell now who's going to go next....


Everyone has an oppinion, here's mine.
Michael Johns is a good singer, Definitly better then Jason and Brooke, But not better then the "Quality" of David A.'s. ( I am 51 years old so not a little girl anymore,)So I am not swayed by his cutesy looks. I am swayed by the fact His voice is pure with a wide range of vocal ability, Carly has amazing vocals, as does David Cook who has great stage presence, years of experience has given David C that stage pressence, David A has not lived long enough YET.. Syeesha has great vocals, Kristi had potential, and blew it. Brooke should have gone home before Michael . If you quit looking at the
Physical looks of the contestants, and concentrate
on the vocals, you'll have to agree the top 3 should be David C & A and Carly as for the winner
David A from a marketing stand point. Who is easier to promote...young good looking..voice of an angel ... innocent. Cook and Carly both have had a shot in the mUsical world and failed.


I've got you beat Vera, I'm almost 70 (in July). I haven't watched too much Idol on a regular basis until Carrie Underwood and now this year Michael Johns. I too feel there was some kind of glitch in the voting. Many times when I dialed in that night I got a dead line. I don't believe it was because his fans were not voting. I also agree with most of the postings that Ryan was very mean -spirited in the manner in which he 'booted' Michael off. It seemed like he got great pleasure in doing it. Michael has a great talent and I look forward to his bright future and will support him in buying his music when it hits the stores. I wish him all the best and as with most of the comments I will not be as interested in the rest of the shows now that he is gone. Good Luck Michael.

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