Burning Hills Question: Team Heidi or Team Spencer?

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We can't believe we've reached a point where we are defending Spencer Pratt for any reason, but the spring episodes of The Hills leave us no choice.

The Lauren Conrad-Heidi Montag feud has been peripheral, with the animosity between Heidi and Spencer taking center stage. Take Monday for example.

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After Heidi planned girls night out at S Bar with Audrina Patridge and Stephanie Pratt, Steph spilled the beans to Spencer, who shows up later and starts chatting with other girls and taking shots - clearly trying to prove some kind of point.

Heidi Montag freaked, Spencer got defensive, harsh words were exchanged, and you know the rest. It was a bitter fight and classic Hills drama.

Who do you side with, Team Spencer or Team Heidi? Did Spencer go too far and push Heidi's buttons? Or is she being beyond ridiculous with her demands?


Heidi is waaaaaay crazy. You can't kick a guy out of the place you share with him and expect him to do whatever you want. All he did was TALK to girls! She's a jealous freak, it's not like he slept with the girls. She needs to get over herself. Get back together with him or let him move on already! Honestly, if I was him, I would have moved on from her months ago...she's so not even cute anymore.


Spencer's a frickin jackass with all his passive agressive tendencies but come on, he is getting jerked around week after week. She has no clue what she even wants and he does - her (for some reason). Team Spencer




I never thought I'd say this- but Team Spencer. He has no idea where their relationship stands and Heidi continues to string him along. Not that he doesn't deserve it or that this relationship struggle is even real.


Team spencer. Heidi seems possessive and crazy. She broke up with him, she has no right to get mad at him. She kicked him out of his apartment. It seems like Heidi is just for herself. Personally I think she wants out of the relationship just by viewing her

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