Brooklyn Decker Shows Off Rock, Cheers on Andy Roddick

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Game, set, match: Andy Roddick sure had plenty to celebrate Monday at the Sony Ericsson Open in Key Biscayne, Fla. The tennis star defeated Czech opponent Ivo Minar while his new fiancée, Brooklyn Decker, cheered him on.

As you can see, Brooklyn Decker flashed her engagement ring! Hot!

The swimsuit model isn't Andy Roddick's first celebrity conquest. He used to date Mandy Moore, who moved on to... DJ AM. Way to take a step up there, Mandy.

By locking up Brooklyn Decker to a lifetime deal, Roddick just became our favorite A-Rodd. Sorry, Alex Rodriguez, but Cynthia Rodriguez just can't compare.

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360? Are you implying Tim Gunn stalks Anderson Cooper? Really?


A pair of stalkers!My cousin read somewhere Roddick has stalking experience stalking 1 of his exs, made the poor girl move states away b/c she feared for her safety.


Every man but one (two if Andy dates him) has used Tim Gunn for sex and discarded him. He's not good for anything else lol (and from what I hear not very good at sex!) and Tim is like a stalker or something. He stalks men 360 degrees, 24/7. Men of the world, stay away from Tim Gunn! He will just "HAPPEN" to be in your neighborhood looking to bump into you...from what I hear anyway. Don't know that for a fact. o_o


Loreli, she already had plastic surgery. Andy tells everyone in the gay community about it. Shoddy work if you ask me.


She's like the top model in the world. Yeah I'm jealous that my fiancee is taking off with an old gay reality host. Maybe that's just a rumor. Make it work! :) Work it beard!


Wyoming: You think she doesn't have money or a career?! She's one of the top models in the world right now. And she doesn't need plastic surgery. And of course he's going to give her a ring! They're engaged! o.0


Her rocks says "I dpn;t have money or a career, only a guy that can afford to give me jewelry" He could've spent that money rebuilding her at the plastic surgeon's instead. Better investment Andy!


she's not really flashing the ring....she's just sitting there. tho it is a very nice ring. i'm a huge andy roddick fan and brooklyn seems like a sweet, nice chick. best of luck to them!

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