Britney Spears on How I Met Your Mother: Reloaded?

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That's the rumor going around celebrity news circles, but if one of the CBS show's stars has his way, it's not gonna be happening anytime soon.

Neil Patrick Harris says he doesn't want Britney Spears back on How I Met Your Mother - nothing personal, he says, but he simply doesn't think they need to have recovering celebrity train wrecks show up for cheap ratings boosts.

"I'm in the minority that our show does not need stunt casting in order to succeed," Harris said in an interview with TV Guide.

Neil Patrick Harris: Not hoping for a second Britney Spears cameo.

There were rumors that Britney might make another appearance on the show after her first one, which was generally considered a success by her low standards.

Seriously, though, she's been receiving treatment for her mental problems and any sort of work that she showed up for and didn't melt down during is solid.

Producers have reportedly been receptive to the idea of Britney's return, as has the singer's dad, Jamie Spears, who is open to her working in TV more.

She's also got an offer from 30 Rock, so stay tuned!




As a mother of there adult children and eight grand children. I am aware that people go through different stages in their lives, eventhough they may not live up to our exspectation we have to give them some room to make mistake and stop being so judge mental. I can understand the pressure of her family friends even herself, I have a story to tell even in my life and I don't know were to begin but I beleive that God will bring me through the storm as he will Britney just stand by her without being so judge mental. Sincerely Teresa Moore


he wasn't hating on brit, his comment was about the producers focusing on novelty guest stars/appearances rather than the quality of the writing and the show itself. NPH wants people to watch HIMYM because it is a great show, not because it has a big name star in little more than a cameo appearance.


well he act like he is too good she is the one that got them high ratings so step off and quit hating on brit ! she is great


I like Doogie and all, but that episode had the best ratings ever, so he should probably keep his opinions to himself.

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