Britney Spears May Be Planning $100M World Tour

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Troubled star Britney Spears is in secret talks over a comeback world tour - one that could net her $100 million - according to several sources.

The 26-year-old pop singer is said to be "desperate to get back on the road" and leave her recent troubles behind her, says the Showbizspy.

Brit Squats

Spears has already begun training for the mega-money shows with "grueling dance sessions" at her home away from home, Millennium Dance Complex.

Her record label, BMG, is confident that she can restore her squeaky-clean image ... or at least move in that direction while on the road.

"Things are looking up for [Britney Spears]," said a source reportedly close to the singer. "She's finally focusing on her career again."

Will the next Britney Spears concert tour feature the current train wreck - or at least something resembling the Britney Spears of yore (above)? Gulp. Wow.

Hiring ex-manager Larry Rudolph again would help, but since her epic disaster of a performance at the MTV VMAs in 2007, Britney has a lot to prove.

"There will be no more on-stage blunders," the source said. "Britney's turned a corner and the world will be amazed with her."

We'll believe it when we see it, but we've been told that Britney Spears is ready to work her way back to the top and is even finally trying to get that pre-baby mama body back into top form. Remember that? See photo above.

Please, Britney, make it happen.


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She has 23 number ones in ASIA so she must go to Philippines where her song piece of me is very very popular in ASIA. the line " to sneak away to the Philippines. We love you britney... you're still number in ASIA...


i hope she goes on tour!!!!!! i want front row!!!


i would be SO grateful if you did the tour, I have been waiting for this moment since i was like 5!


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Don't know if she is ready for this, but God, if she was, that would be fantastic! And she could build her self confidence. I wish her the best! Go Britney!


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