Britney Spears Looking Sort of Cute Lately

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We know, we said this before, and it turned out to be old photos from 2003 and 2004 that celeb gossip magazines used to fool us all. Such ass clowns.

Seriously, though - these Britney Spears pictures were actually taken this month, and both show the cutest, healthiest Brit we've seen in some time!

Drugged Up and Happy

With the exception of the pack of cigarettes, that is. Oh well. Small victories are still significant at this stage of the game, right? Here's our girl ...

In the past couple of months, Britney Spears has been exercising a lot, staying away from clubbing and showing a positive attitude when it comes to pants.

With a second go-around planned for her How I Met Your Mother gig, and a new tour supposedly in the works, things are really turning around for Brit.

Will she be able to regain some custody of Jayden James or Sean Preston soon? That remains to be seen, and will hinge on a court date next month.

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She looks wonderful! I especially love the pic with her in the jeans. best wishes for you Brit. Much love and respect.


waaa ..
how cute britney is..
keep this britney x)


Britney looks great! We are all so very proud of her! Yes, we beleive she should and will regain custody of her boys. BEST WISHES BRITNEY!!!