Bill O'Reilly Asks: Is Miley Cyrus Slutty?

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Conservative Fox News host Bill O'Reilly is a moron. Seriously. The political pundit makes Spencer Pratt look like a Rhodes Scholar.

We were willing to put up with O'Reilly's nonsense (really, Bill, New Orleans doesn't have any homeless people?) until now: he has called for a "conference" to discuss the latest leaked photos of Miley Cyrus. Here's a look at them:

"Look, we have so few role models, particularly for little girls in this country," O'Reilly said on his show Wednesday. "She is the main one. I hate to see this... Parents all over the country like this girl because she is clean-cut."

In particular, the talk show host with way too much time on his hands cited the picture of Miley exposing her bra, referring to it as "a teasy, peek-a-boo thing."

In a related note, we often refer to Bill O'Reilly as a "pompous, misguided, lunatic of a thing."

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Sorry, guys, but if Miley's not "slutty" here, then who is? lol




I find Miley to be great. VF is about the best thing that happened to her. She wore a blanket, so she was descent. There's nothing wrong with a bare back. Is someone wearing a bathrobe naked? Since Miley wore a large blanket, she could very safely remove her slacks as well as her blouse and bra. VF was a very good experience for her. Hope she does it again!


im far from a fan of bill o'reilly. but hes right. miley cyrus is a little slut. shes bad for todays young girls. shes just part of the reason why girls feel like they have to dress like complete tramps now a days.


This blog and other blogs need to understand that this slut miley needs to get off my computer and tv screen


i think miley has to think about the young girls who are following her.. i apologise her..
and listen im 15 years old and i have never never pose like that in a photo! im a serious girl.. not all teenagers are like that! think about miranda cosgrove or emma roberts.. they're really good role models but they aren't as popular as miley .. why?? because miley is more scandalous! and that's the true.. serious people are not popular..unfortunately :(


miley cyrus is stupid for doing those stuff. f*** her if she wants to ruin her life then i'll let her. stupid little slut.


Tamara Mileys role model is Britney Spears! top 10 things mileys done to be a bad role model. 1.Vanity fair
2.took a pic of her bending over and showing her underwear while wearing pants (in a parking lot)!
3.kissed Ashley Tisdale (not photoshopped real tongue-2-tongue)!
4.that green bra pic!
5.the sleepover pics (that would be normal if they were lesbians! wich miley is but the other girl had a boyfriend)!
6.Started dating a 20 year old underwear model! (UNDERWEAR MODEL!)
7.took pics of her in her bikini
8.have you seen the ugly shower picture?
9.shes going crazy! shes just 16! her role model is britney spears! (the woman who shaved her head and hit a car with an umbrella but at least britney has a better voice than miley!) slutty and question why people call her a slut




What i want to know is if she is going to kicked off of Disney Channel?