Ashlee Simpson Acts Coy, Milks Publicity From Pregnancy

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"I feel like a really lucky lady," Ashlee Simpson said on the Today show this week of getting engaged to Fall Out Boy bassist Pete Wentz.

As for whether she's pregnant - which has been reported by numerous sources, yet she continues to deny repeatedly - she added "Time will tell."

Give us an effing break. We're guessing The Hollywood Gossip is not the only observer who wants to tell her "just shut up and admit it already!"

Is "singer" Ashlee Simpson pregnant? Obviously. But simply coming out and admitting it doesn't keep the tabloids talking and writing about you 24-7, does it?

In case anyone forgot, Ashlee Simpson is already:

  1. Famous
  2. Very rich
  3. Able to become even more so by selling pictures of her baby to OK! Magazine the second that lil' guy or girl is cranked out

That would be enough for most people to admit they're knocked up, but no, not this plastic phony and shameless media whore.

With her new album out, might as well keep the people guessing, right? It's not like she has any talent to fall back on, after all.


I think we should all give her a break. Jesus, a baby is a personal thing and if it were me i would do the same damn thing. Obviously if she is then it will show in the next few months but till then cut the crap she is a friggin human not some worthless dog you just throw around in the air for money. (granted she treats herself like it at times)


Give the poor girl a break! So she has had a nose job - big deal! She was hot before, and she's hot now! Her new song is awesome!
She cant be that talentless... she has sold millions of albums. She is completely different to her sis. Best of luck to them if they are pregnant ... and if she is not ready to admit it... build a bridge a get over it !


Bill's tactless plug for his website is annoying.


New nose, can't sing, whoring out her relationship with her sister, basically unemployable, she HAS to have something new to milk for publicity ever few weeks. She just trying to see how long this pregnancy will cover up the fact that she is profoundly useless, and should be serving burgers at McDonalds for a living. 14:59:59.....tick, tick, tick,


I don't understand why everyone is giving her such a hard time! Maybe she might not WANT to tell the world she's pregnant! Maybe she's not Jamie Lynn Spears who ran screaming to a magazine to sell her story the minute there was speculation!


She is so annoying! I just want to tell her to shut up. I dont like hearing about her anymore and the more I hear about her the less I want to buy her CD.


AAnndd...let's not forget, this is the same girl that would not comment on, or confirm, her very obvious nose job because of all of the coverage that it was getting as well!!


Ashlee Simpson Biography

Pete Wentz and Ashlee Simpson-Wentz
Oh, Ashlee Simpson, ye of little worth. She is Jessica's annoying, less hot, talentless, plastic surgery-loving little sister. Woo! Yup,... More »
Dallas, Texas
Full Name
Ashlee Nicole Simpson-Wentz

Ashlee Simpson Quotes

I didn't know I'd be getting married right now, but I'm so happy to be! I'm a lucky girl.

Ashlee Simpson

Do I look like I had 10 cheeseburgers or something?

Ashlee Simpson [avoiding pregnancy questions]