Another American Idol Shocker: Carly Smithson Eliminated!

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Tonight's American Idol results may not have been as shocking as the night Michael Johns was shown the door. But there's no way we imagined anyone not named Brooke White would be going home.

Instead - because viewers obviously felt sorry for White after she forgot the lyrics to "You Must Love Me" on Tuesday night - Carly Smithson was voted out.

Feeling Good

We've been Brooke backers all season long, but she deserved to be sent home this week. Smithson put on an inspired, lively rendition of "Jesus Christ Superstar" and, let's face it, Brooke choked under the pressure. It was time for her to go.

Weigh in now: Did Smithson deserve to be eliminated?

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carly shuld never been sent home. you have brook who in my opinion is awful,little david he sings the same way all the time and jason i won't go there. carly should have at least been in the top two. i'm a david cook fan but it should have been between carly and david. i don't even watch anymore it's true all the young are voting on who's cute.judges should have the last say.


its truly upsetting. she was the best vocalist of the entire show, as well as my favorite. any sane person could tell you she didnt deserve to sent home, and i am truly disapointed in america...
furthermore, not only did brooke and jason deliver horrible performances, but they did this week as well. but america will vote the syesha...


No she never should have been voted off on her sining ability, because that was there. Amercia has American Idol as a popularity contest. Brooke should have gone and Jason, but no.....they are popular. Come on Carly has tattoos and Not all of America likes that. And her husband is full of them. I really hate it when America stero types. I am sad that she is gone from the show, but she will do well!!!!


What a disgrace - America you should be ashamed of yourselves - It was bad enough that Michael Johns got axed but now Smithson - This show is about TALENT not boyish good looks or who feels sorry for who - I am watching this from New Zealand - In my opinion the final three should have been Johns - Smithson and Cook who will be next COOK come on America forget the sympathy votes or 'OH he's so cute" vote its time for 'He's BRILLIANT' Vote. At this rate we will end up switching of American Idol as its turning into a joke.


No way, that girl is the best of the women. It would have been between her and David Cook...........


I AGREE. Jason or Brooke should've gone. I was a BIG TIME Michael Johns supporter, and when he got eliminated, it was totally unfair. My 2nd favorite was Carly... and she was 100% totally unfairly eliminated! I am now officially anti-American Idol. What are American Idol watchers thinking?!


Carly's dismissal from Idol last evening was a joke. It's taken a while for her to grow on me, but she is actually quite good and deserved to be in the top 3-4 easily.
Jason and Brooke should have been in the bottom two. I like Brooke but she should have not been saved. Sad but true.


ABSOLUTELY NOT! Why Brook White didn't go home, I'm clueless.. and let's face it, so was she. White looked absolutely suprised when they called her safe. And even when she wasn't knocked off, between Jason and Carly, Jason should definitely have been in the bottom two! (Don't get me wrong, he's been a fav of mine from the get go) but last Tuesday night just wasn't his thing. All I can say is it has definitely been a surprising American Idol Season. Good Luck Carly!


Carly was ripped off. The voting system does not reflect the opinion of the majority of viewers/voters. People have figured out how to rig the voting for their "popular favorite". No way should Carly leave while Jason and Brooke still remain. And Syesha should never have been in the bottom two this week. She showed tremendous talent & versatility on Tuesday night. Go Syesha!


i think it's a populatiy contest not singing

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