An American Idol Shocker: Michael Johns Eliminated!

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We didn't see this coming.

In one of the most shocking eliminations in the show's history, Michael Johns was sent home on American Idol tonight. He was joined in the bottom three by Syesha Mercado and Carly Smithson.

Michael and Crystal

Everyone assumed Syesha was headed home, but when Ryan Seacrest closed the show by saying she and Carly were safe, shocked silence filled the arena.

Did you think Michael Johns deserved to go home after his rendition of Dream On?

While Chris Daughtry is still the most surprising, and undeserved, American Idol elimination of all-time, Johns isn't too far behind.

Where would you rank this in terms of shock value in the show's history? Did you see it coming?


Brooke is gonna cry her way out to the number one. So forget about the talent!


ARE U KIDDING ME!??! IT IS THE MOST SHOCKING ONE!!AT LEAST daughtry made otp 4/5 w/e it was..Michael made top 8!! and that's pretty mediocre..He is my favorite and I was so sure he was going to be top 4!


This is like watching the MLB playoffs and having the best team knocked off after the first round. Why watch any more. I do like David Cook but the ones who annoy me the most and are still there are Jason Castro and David Archaletta. Jason whispers his songs and archaletta should be on the mickey mouse club. He just doesn't fit in in this competition. but at least he can sing! Castro plain stinks! Syesha has an amazing voice so i don't think it should have been her. i just read an article about how T&A won't get you through this competition but it seems to be working for Kristy Lee Cook! Which is strange because isn't she supposed to be super religious?This week I hope to see either Kristy lee or Jason castro voted off! They don't deserve to be there. Lastly, Seacrest is a Douchbag! BOYCOTT SEACREST! His radio show, his E! show even Idol! get your results and performances on line! He is a self loathing closet case, plain and simple he is a little bitch!


Hey KimT...I really like your thinking. Do you think this is a possibility? Have you hear anything that might suggest this could be a possibility. I may watch the first five minutes on Tuesday when Seacreep introduces the judges because I want to see if he has anything to say about his behavior, but after that, I am done. I have one other question - why would they even bring up last year's charity week and not voting anyone off if they knew they weren't going to give Mike a pass? Why even do it? The other contestants have said he's been a constant support to them, a sounding board (Papa Johns), he's been respectful to the judges, gracious to the fans...why do it to him? I just don't get it.


Michael should not have been kicked off. He was the reason to watch A.I. No one has mentioned that Brook should be kicked off. I am so tired of her shaking, crying, looking sad and her boring Carol King songs. I certainly do not see an idol talent in her. So why then was Michael kicked off. If last year they did not kick off a contestant, why this year and why Michael.


The operative phrase for AI is "damage control." Ryan Seacrest hit an artery, and AI is bleeding out. Since the show's producers are so devoted to the "unprecedented" for suspense, shock, and drama, now is the time for the never-before bring-a-poorly (understatement) dismissed â€"very-talented-Idol-contestant-back. AI, punctuate the American Idol Gives Back campaign by giving back to Michael Johns and millions of fans, the real givers. Have Seacrest do the honors. America has a longer memory than you think. Setting things right would be directly in keeping with the splendid anthem "Shout to the Lord!"


The show must be rigged - there is no way he got the fewest votes. Our whole family will cease to watch Idol. Just go ahead and hand to David A. on a silver platter. Michael was clearly one of the top contestants - even without Idol, he will be a star.


Michael Johns was my favorite from the very beginning. I thought that he would be in the final three at least along with the two Davids. I actually cried when he got eliminated. It was outrageous! Boycott AI!!!!!


I can't believe that A.I. and voters could be so wrong with this choice of elimination! I'm sure this was fixed and I will stop watching A.I. I hope Michael Johns makes it big because he is "The American Idol" Good-luck Michael and I'm waiting for your first album!! Love you!


BRING HIM BACK!!! Ryan said last year 'how could we let anyone go on a charity night?!' its inconsistant.

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