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michael johns should not have been eliminated tonight...this is outrageous! but america elected bush for a second term, so i guess what can we expect? its the same dumb ass rednecks voting for kristy lee that got us bush in the whitehouse.

ryan's little trick was very mean and unnecessary. i cannot believe that he would mess with someone being eliminated like that. i hope michael johns is successful, this elimination could wind up helping his career in the long run, i hope.


Michael is gone but shouldn't be, this only goes to prove America is not above voting for race when it is brought to their attention. Syesha has held on as long as she has because every week some loudmouth black racists even before the show begins starts the IM and email campaign to save a Sista from elimination. She deserved to be kicked off long ago, if for no other reason than I don't have to get fifty or sixty random people trying to become my YIM friend to encourage me to vote for her and pass the message along.

Hopefully with one fewer contestant to spread the votes around on, this strategy will be less effective with sensible people, since I have no doubt she will give another lack luster performance.

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