An American Idol Shocker: Michael Johns Eliminated!

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We didn't see this coming.

In one of the most shocking eliminations in the show's history, Michael Johns was sent home on American Idol tonight. He was joined in the bottom three by Syesha Mercado and Carly Smithson.

Michael and Crystal

Everyone assumed Syesha was headed home, but when Ryan Seacrest closed the show by saying she and Carly were safe, shocked silence filled the arena.

Did you think Michael Johns deserved to go home after his rendition of Dream On?

While Chris Daughtry is still the most surprising, and undeserved, American Idol elimination of all-time, Johns isn't too far behind.

Where would you rank this in terms of shock value in the show's history? Did you see it coming?


That was such bull crap, Michael Johns is at least 10 times better than most of the idols, i hope so bad that we can hear more of him, HE'S THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I can't believe that the singer with the best vocals was eliminated...He was the reason to watch A.I... I won't watch AI anymore.. Please come back Michael Johns...


I did not see Michael Johns elimination show. And why?? Beacause last year they received the week off because of the American Idol Gives Back episode and I did not even realize that the voting would count anyway. They were all given a reprieve last year because they worked the phones! How many other voters thought the same? By default, Johns should be invited back to compete again. He NEVER should have been voted off in the first place. He has been consistently wonderful from day ONE.


WEll, I'm thru with AI and Ryan seacrest


this was totally unexpected,till now i still dont believe this.
michael johns is still one of the best& i wish him success.


What where they thinking? How in the world could MJ have been voted off? And the way Ryan S played with him was totally uncalled for. I have lost respect for Ryan and AI for putting the candy in front of MJ and pulling it away.


I can not believe how hard everyone is on Christie Lee. She has a wonderful country voice. Michael was good looking but definately not the best singer.


Michael Johns is the best performer that American Idol has, as well as, down to earth and charismatic. I no longer have faith in the results of American Idol. I definitely think they should bring Michael back. I no longer have the interest in watching American Idol.


Michael Johns is sensational! Not only can he sing, but he is chrismatic as well. You feel the music with him. Idol SUCKS for what they did. Who knows if he actually had the lowest score??


Totally unfair. Something is wrong, Recount.
As for me, I no longer have interest in IDOL. I thought for sure it would boil down to Michael,
David Cooke, and David the 17 year old.... Also since no one was booted last year, they should bring back Michael. I thought last week and this week the votes would be counted together like last year, so I didn't vote this time.
Bet lots of others didn't either, due to this misconception. Also a real cruel way to have him leave. IDOL sucks.

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