American Idol to David Archuleta: No Prom for You!

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David Archuleta would have little trouble finding a date for his high school prom.

We know of a few hundreds readers of The Hollywood Gossip that would marry him tomorrow, let alone accompany him to a dance.

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Nevertheless, the hopeful singer will be missing out on this event over the weekend because American Idol will not let any of its finalists out of its sights.

As TMZ outlines, the series has strict rules about not letting contestants attend events that are not show-related. Idol keeps them mighty busy with promotional and studio work. Sorry, residents of Murray, Utah, no Archuleta sightings for you this week.

Earlier this month, Brooke White had to skip her sister's wedding for the same reason.

Meanwhile, let's get back to the only American Idol issue that truly matters: Which finalist do you think is going home tonight?


OMG!! i love david archuleta sooooooooooooooo much! i am his biggest fan ever!! i would do anything to met him! i love you david archuleta!!
if you dont win i will be the saddest person living!! ur my idol 4ever! you have to win!! u deserve too!!
everyone vote for him please please please please please please please please!! VOTE FOR DAVID ARCHULETA!! once more I LOVE YOU DAIVD ARCHULETA!
If you picked me to go to prom i would be the happiest person on earth, ahhh david i love you!!


oh, i really felt sorry for brooke.. so no prom for my idol, well, if ever he'll have another chance to attend the prom,his date would be the luckiest girl in the prom... and yes, he is very deserving for the title


I think David Archuleta should be the next American Idol. He seems down to earth and can sing anything. He has such a terrific voice and so talented. He really puts his heart into his music. He is gorgeous but not stuck on his own looks. He is great...


yeah he is cute...also got a good voice...i recently got a chance to hear his magical was good

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