American Idol Recap: Favorites Fall Flat

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During an evening of inspirational songs, our three favorite American Idol finalists can't be feeling very good about themselves this morning.

David Cook, Michael Johns and Brooke White (who we very much fear will be sent home this week) all failed to impress the judges, as they each appeared to be trying too hard.

Johns was criticized for his attempt to emulate Aerosmith lead singer Steven Tyler; Cook was called "pompous" by Simon Cowell for going into the crowd; and White's emotional depth on "You've Got a Friend" did strike us as forced.

Cook, at least, did send the following, important message to fans on the heels of tonight's Idol Gives Back:

So, which finalist put on the best performance? We hope you're sitting down because the answer is: Kristy Lee Cook.

The often-criticized beauty created a stir with her rendition of "Anyway," even causing Simon to tell her she looked like a star. That's like getting The Hollywood Gossip staff to tell Perez Hilton he's an insightful blogger.

David Archuleta, as usual, received nothing but positive reviews for his performance, too. He sat at a piano for Robbie Williams' "Angels." It was nice, it was sung well, it likely led to gallons of tears being shed by girls around the country.

Remember: tonight is Idol Gives Back. Call in. Make a donation. And let us know who YOU think should be going home next?

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ok well David Cook is an amazing singer but he is soo annoying. I really cant stand him but hes got talent.


Jason definitely had the best performance last night - Why doesn't THG ever talk about him?? He has had a couple rough weeks, but is right up there in talent with David Cook, and better than Michael Johns and David Archuletta who always get talked about. More Jason!


Before watching last night's show, I figured Syesha, KLC, and Jason would be in the bottom three- but I definitely think Jason and KLC did the best last night! I think Carly and Syesha should be in the bottom two, with Syesha going home. My three favorites are Michael Johns, David Cook, and Brooke White. None of them were amazing last night, but hopefully they will still be all safe.


I think Jason did the best...perfect performance, so sweet; he is my 2nd favorite. Even though my favorite David Cook made a bad song choice, I still voted for him 150 times!!!! Gotta be loyal even if somebody slips a tad just once...Heck....Kristy Lee has slipped 6 times!!!!! (She looks like a tree while performing.)
Syesha has got to go!!!! Brook will be safe, she has captured the hearts of America. Carly should be alright. I don't care about Michael Johns (I hated his short-sleeve white shirt) and David A. breathes like he has a 10 yr old nicotine habit and licks his lips so many times during the song I have to leave the room!