American Idol Fan to David Archuleta: Lick Those Lips!

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David Archuleta is the most popular finalist among this season's American Idols, at least among the young, female demographic.

Here's disturbing proof of Archuleta's main fan base, as a 10-year old pleads for David's luscious lips to be licked - and her father (we presume) sits idly by, smiling at the adorable, sex-laden yearning of his child:

Meanwhile, take a look and listen at Archuleta's rendition of "Angels" from last night's show now. Did you enjoy it?

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Thats me!!!no seirously


You make me freak to your song.. I loveee ittttt.......


that 10 year old kid is so cute, she likes David. It's her right to show her true feelings


that kid is so cute and she has the same feeling with my daughter Donatella, they both adore David ARchuleta because he is a great singer


He sucks..sounds like kermit the frog...get a real job homo


David archuleta is totally a talent boy!
He has great voice and cute face.
He is humble boy.
I luv u david archuleta,i'm sure, you will be good singer !!
David archuleta rocks!!


I feel that David A's still there because of a popularity vote. His weak voice and lack of confidence is obvious. I can go on all night bashing him but the plain honest fact is that he's just there because of his "cute" factor, which makes me want to puke. Idol is starting to turn into a kiddy show. Adults won't bother to vote (why waste money?) Kids don't work - parents give em cash for free. Its no longer a talent contest. Idol might as well sell the rights to Disney. Nobody's gonna buy that poor boy's album. David Cook is not really the greatest, but I think he'll sell well. And that, ladies and gentleman, is the business of music. Sellability.


David A is boring and has no musical creativity. I do not find him to be attractive in any way, only because I am over the age of 9. After the show is over, whether he wins or looses, I will only hear his music in two places: elevators and mall bathrooms.


I don't know what the deal is with David Archuleta. His voice doesn't have any substance. He sounds like he belongs singing in a Theme Park show. At this stage of the competition I don't think Randy, Simon and Paula should be able to say anything to influence the audience.


david archuleta is an amazing singer and has a great personality. "Idol Idiots" has some issues so calm down. Why dont you go try out for american idol and make it to the top 5? then you could talk. David Archuleta has amazing talent and deffinatly deserves to win, and whether he does or not, he will still be HUGE!

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