Ali Lohan is Mostly Ghostly

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Granted, Ali Lohan is mostly destined to follow in her dysfunctional sister and mother's fame-loving footsteps.

But, for the sake of her new movie, let's also refer to her as "ghostly."

Indeed, Movie Fanatic is reporting that Lindsay's 14-year-old sister, has begun filming her big screen debut, Mostly Ghostly.

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In the movie, which centers on an 11-year-old boy who befriends two ghosts, Ali Lohan will portray a popular high school senior.

In real life, she'll portray the sister of an alcoholic sex kitten and daughter of a mother who cares more about celebrity gossip attention than her children.


Just to let u know in the movie [mostly ghostly ] and this was when I was 10 I thought she was hot butNOW SHE'S UGLY AS POOP ! now I dont now if u did get p-surgery but if u did then bad choce i mean I want to cry /:, and yr sister forget about that bitch ?but u need to get dat plastic surgery undone . like u should 've got like boob surgery ! GET YR P-SURGERY UNDONE I USE TO love u!BUT NOW I DONT SO IF U SEE DIS THAN PLEASE GET IT DONE. AND GEYT BOOB SURGERY DONE WOMEN!!!!


I saw the film! I like it.. It's cool movie! And Ali Lohan is cool... But Her acting is not big deal... and I think there is too much noice about her! It's not big deal!


I saw the movie and she was good all of you should stop saying that kind of stuff. She may come from a pretty messed up family but give her some slack she already has a lot to deal with !


My question is if you people even know what talent or beauty is? Anyways, I'm not jealous so ronel van niekerk stop saying things you don't know. That goes for all of you, Yes i'll agree with jamie-lea we don't know them. But I can tell she will end up becoming a slut or something and that's not because she's lindsey sister it's just that they all do that, well mostly at least. I quote from em "ok... this is what i hate. So many people say "miley cyrus is such a good role model. When she takes dirty pictures of her top off and of her kissing other girls." That is true miley is already turning into a big fat, ugly, untalented, whore she is not even pretty and she sings like a whale. I just would like to say that ali lohan is going to become nothing but a worthless tramp like her sister and other celebraties. Thankyou


Hi Ali, I'm from South Africa, also got a girl of 14 and just want to encourage you to be the smart and great girl that you are. Your mum are doing a great job in raising her children and we never mis a Living Lohan episode. Enjoy it, you are talented and beautifull and it is sad that jealousy makes other nasty. You are GREAT......


ess superr lindaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
una princesa ......


in my point of view she's just a little kid that's trying to persude some fame getting talent out of nowhere cause let's get real here, she doesn't has that much or at all!! Shes like the Lindsay wannabe copy, she's not even pretty. Let me say about the comments made by Dina Lohan in the first 2 episodes of Living Lohan, about Aliana becoming a model sorry but she has do get some job done before cause her face no no not helping!!


i can't believe the nerve in some people!! she is not a skank!!! no one is in her family!!! u got problems if u think she or anyone in her family is!!!!!


Look, Ali is a pretty girl and she will end up being a model. You people realise the media twists things around to make Lindsay sound bad. You people dont know them in real life so dont judge them. I think Ali already has enough to deal with so lay off.


ok... this is what i hate. So many people say "miley cyrus is such a good role model" when she takes dirty pictures of her top off and of her kissing other girls. Ali hasn't done anything other than being related to lindsey and people are already calling her a whore.
Lay off: this girl's already been through enough.


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Ali Lohan is Lindsay Lohan's younger sister, and the youngest daughter of Michael and Dina Lohan. Pray for her. Seriously. Ali Lohan is... More »
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I grew up watching Lindsay. It made me want to do what she does.

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My mom is just a regular mom trying to help her kids follow their dreams.

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