Adam Cook: Moved by Brother's Performance

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As most American Idol fans know by now, David Cook had tears in his eyes following his performance last week for a very good reason:

His cancer-stricken brother, Adam, was watching from the front now.

In an interview with B1027.FM, a radio station that helped facilitate the trip, Adam had the following to say about the experience:

"I am blown away. The support of the community made this possible, it literally just lifted my spirits to know I'm from Terre Haute. That might sound corny, but it's the God's honest truth. My feelings for back home were just amplified."

Deservedly so, Adam also received the VIP treatment.

"They came in and asked if it was okay if they seated Teri Hatcher and Minnie Driver next to us," Adam said. "When Teri sat down, I didn't even know who she was. She weighed all of 90 pounds. I expected her to be taller. But I'm not stupid. I figured it out. She's a desperate housewife and hey, I'm a desperate house something."

Tomorrow night, Adam and all other American Idol fans can hear David sing an Andrew Lloyd Webber song.


Just wanted to add that I am praying for your family...cancer has reared it's ugly head in my family as well, but I'm here to tell you that there is hope. My ex-husband survived Stage 4 head & neck cancer & is doing well today. We serve an amazing God who will be by your side through everything.


you are a remarkable young man, very talented, intelligent, articulate, yet sensitive. Those of us who have went through sickness of this caliber understand and are praying for you & your family. Good luck in the next weeks. xoxoxo


awesome!, this are the things that keep motivated to the contestants! and they both love music so this will keep them alive :)


David cook I think you are a very sweet guy!! And im so sorry. I cant even tell how you feel right now? And I know adam is very proud of you!! And I want you to win!!


aww thats so cool,im glad he got to go watch him.
that was awsome for both of them.

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