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Move over, Jessica Gibson. Another former nanny of Rob Lowe wants to sue the actor.

Laura Boyce is accusing the actor and his wife of sexual harassment, according to the woman's lawyer (who also represents Gibson), Gloria Allred

Rob Lowe Picture

"The details of the lawsuit will speak for itself," Allred told People.

We'll have more on the latest lawsuit filed against Rob Lowe - this one by Laura Boyce - when the information is released.

TMZ is now reporting that the bulk of the suit is filed against Rob's wife, Sheryl. Among the accusations by Boyce:

  • Walking around naked, completely exposing herself to Boyce.
  • Asking Boyce about the size of Boyce's boyfriend's penis
  • Once saying "laughingly that her husband's (Rob) cockrings were broken," allegedly showing them to Boyce.
  • Telling Boyce about her sex life with Rob.
  • Talking about the size of her children's penises.

Jeez. And we thought Lindsay Lohan was dirty.

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Finally, a Miley Cyrus that won't have Bill O'Reilly calling for the Apocalypse and Tyra Banks stating her unsolicited, useless opinion.

The Vanity Fair cover star will still be center stage Saturday at the 2008 Disney Channel Games.

"The audience is going to let this one go," says Jerry Del Colliano, a music industry professor at the University of Southern California. "The parents are going to forgive and the kids are going to love her just as much."

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Well, almost. Luckily, an alert passer-by stepped in at the last moment to save Sean Preston Federline's head from hurtling towards the street.

Just the same, this classic celebrity baby picture sums up the tremendous parenting skills of Britney Spears like few others can ...

When he's old enough to appreciate this photo, Sean Preston will want to thank the gentleman who saved him from becoming a road pizza.

Britney Spears and Kevin Federline went on to create another son, Jayden James, just barely one year after Sean Preston's birth in September 2005. Brit then divorced K-Fed, partied with no pants a lot and went insane.

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Look out world: Sienna Miller has babies on the brain!

During her roller-coaster romance with Jude Law, the actress says bearing children was never discussed. But it looks like motherhood may now be an option with boyfriend Rhys Ifans.

"I really want babies â€" I always have," Miller told the June U.K. edition of InStyle magazine during a baby shower for her elder sister Savannah.

"I mean, I'm nearly 27 and you have to think about these things, don't you?" said Miller. "And Sav proves you can work and be a mum. It still scares me, though."

Trust us, Sienna. The thought of you having kids scares us, too.

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The Hollywood Gossip likes to straddle a fine line between sports and entertainment, similar to how Angela Moyer apparently straddled Roger Clemens. Yes, like Rog, we are now ready to jump all over Moyer.

Her story, that is.

New York papers broke the story of Roger Clemens' relationship with Mindy McCready earlier this week. Now there is new information about another woman, Angela Moyer, whom Clemens allegedly had a long-term relationship with.

Angela Moyer, 30, works as a Realtor in Pennsylvania, was asked about her relationship with Clemens, and responded simply, "No comment."

Angela Moyer: Roger Clemens' mistress #2. Who's next? Wait and see!

Supposedly, Roger Clemens helped pay the rent on Moyer's Houston apartment and even after she had moved to New York and gotten a job as a bartender at Sutton Place from 2000-2004 (when Clemens played for the Yankees, oddly), the seven-time Cy Young hurler continued a relationship with her.

While this is still only celeb gossip, Mindy McCready said she could not refute a single detail from the New York Post story that exposed her affair.

We'll be curious to hear how the Angela Moyer story plays out - and when Debbie Clemens gets arrested for assaulting Roger with a baseball bat.

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Rumer Willis is on People magazine's annual Most Beautiful People in the World list. Your comments and opinions on this matter are encouraged in our Face-Off as The Hollywood Gossip staff debates the following question ...


YES by Free Britney

The fact that some superficial editor even thought up this Face-Off topic leads us to a broader question: Why is beauty synonymous with certain types (say, Blake Lively) and not, as the saying goes, in the eye of the beholder?

Can beauty not take different forms? Or mean different things to different people? If Rumer Willis does not meet stereotypical bombshell criteria, is she less of a person? Does this make People less of a celebrity news magazine?

Of course not. Rumer Willis is very beautiful, inside and out. Kudos to People - and Chace Crawford (Rumer has it) - for possessing the values, heart and courage to break these negative societal paradigms.

NO by mischalova

We're guessing Rumer Willis was as surprised as we were to discover she made People Magazine's 100 Most Beautiful People in the World List.

After all, this actress has been through more hairstyles than Carmen Electra has husbands. You simply don't change your looks that many times if you're a fan of them.

Moreover, if you put the executives at People on the hit FOX reality show Moment of Truth, we're guessing even they'd admit Rumer Willis is far from attractive.

But she is edgy. And edgy sells!

There are only so many times a magazine can feature natural beauties such as Megan Fox and Audrina Patridge on its cover. We get that.

And we don't blame People for including Rumer for the sake of shock value. But they can't blame us, either, for calling them out on it.

Rumer Willis: Beautiful

Rumer Willis: Hot or not?

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The Hollywood Gossip's favorite teenage runaway, aspiring singer and elite New York City prostitute, Ashley Alexandra Dupre, turns 23 today. Yay!

Just a few months ago, no one knew who Ashley Dupre was. She went by all sorts of other names - Ashley Youmans, Ashley DiPietro, Kristen, etc.

Reality Star Hodgepodge

Then disgraced Gov. Eliot Spitzer was snared plunking down thousands of dollars an hour for the honor of doing her and everything changed.

Ashley Dupre was featured in the New York Times, becoming a household name overnight and selling over $200,000 in crappy online music downloads.

You gotta love America.

Ashley Alexandra Dupre: Tight butt. Loose morals.

It was later discovered that Dupre got all topless and naked for Joe Francis & Co. while vacationing in Florida (and lying about her age) in 2003.

She and the Girls Gone Wild founder are now trading barbs and lawsuits regarding his use of Ashley Dupre nude / topless footage.

How will it end? Nobody knows. But we're hopeful that Ashley finds a good career path now that her days of slinging poon are over... we think.

When does your favorite hooker star celebrate the day of his or her birth? Take a look at our fun celebrity birthdays calendar and find out now!

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For once, Paula Abdul may wanna own up to being plastered during American Idol.

The only other excuse the kooky judge could give for critiquing a performance that had yet to take place last night - seriously, take a look at the video now - would be that she's a moron.

According to celebrity gossip source TMZ, Abdul was served at least one martini during lunch yesterday, Granted, that was hours before the show aired, but Paula isn't the heaviest woman on the planet. We doubt her tolerance is very high.

Did Paula Abdul give away the fact that American Idol is scripted with remarks about a Jason Castro performance that hadn't taken place?

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