Whitney Port to Launch Clothing Line of Her Own

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Move over, Lauren Conrad and Heidi Montag.

Whitney Port is the third cast member of The Hills to jump into the fashion fray, launching a young contemporary line, called Eve & A, for fall!

The clothing line (named for Whitney Eve Port) will make its debut Friday in the Movement showroom at the Los Angeles market.

Port may not have Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising training like her co-star and good friend, Lauren Conrad, but she does have more experience than you think - and practically grew up in the business.

Her father, Jeff Port, owns apparel company Swarm (nicknamed for the large Port family, which includes mom, dad, Whitney, Ryan, Ashley, Page and Jade). Swarm manufactures, among other things, the young men's line Shades of Gray.

Whitney Port makes three stars of The Hills with clothing lines!

Jeff Port's company also is backing Whitney's line, a 17-piece collection of convertible dresses, tops and jackets that will wholesale for $40-250.

Along with co-creative director Adrienne Baravetto, Whitney designs cocktail and party wear, much of which should be appropriate for her to don at her next gig - as an intern at the public relations firm People's Revolution.

So far, owner Kelly Cutrone appears to be putting them to work. Port was spotted at Smashbox Studios handling front of house for runway shows for People's Revolution clients Whitley Kros, Orthodox and Julia Clancey.

Lauren Conrad and Whitney Port both used to work at Teen Vogue, as we have seen extensively on The Hills. Both went to Paris representing the magazine, then moved on in recent months to work at People's Revolution.

Congratulations, Whitney!


I need a dress for my boyfriends cousins wedding...HELP! I was hopeing to find something from Whitney's line but so far no luck in finding the website for purchasing! -T-


I saw one of Whitney's dress pieces in a magazine and lovedlovedloved it!
Does anyone know if there is a website for her line and when exactly her close will be available for purchase?


I have seen photos of Lauren Conrad Collection. I think it is a good idea that celebrities turn to fashion Industry. It is bringing diversity in clothes! -armine

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