Tommy McKaughn Says Sarah Larson is Perfect for George Clooney

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Might Sarah Larson really be the woman who ends George Clooney's reign as the World's Most Handsome, Eligible Bachelor?

The former Fear Factor contestant has the proper mix of a nurturing soul and liberal politics to do just that, according to her serious ex-boyfriend.

One Hot Couple

Tommy McKaughn, Larson's boyfriend of six years before they split up after college at Evergreen State, tells E! News that she was a free-spirited hippie chick, devoted to playing bongos and performing exotic dances of India.

"She's not star struck and I bet he really likes that about her," McKaughn said about his ex. "She was a hippie chick but high maintenance at the same time.

Sarah Larson and George Clooney pose for celebrity gossip reporters and fans.

McKaughn added that Sarah was a major grudge holder, as he forgot her birthday once, so she confiscated his Jerry Garcia CDs... three years after the fact!

We can't see Clooney making the same mistake, however. The guy is perfect.


I did say that about the Jerry CD's but it was only true if and only if I can remember because it was fryday.




Sarah won another George' Beard...let's bet on how the farce of a relationship continues.


Is Sarah Larson helf Asian? What is her ethenic


She is just the type of woman he needs right now. No challenge to impress her, no doubt they slept together the same night they met. He apparently likes this type of women who has nothing more to offer a man, whose only interest is her beauty and body. They tend to appreciate what he has accomplished with his stardom. They will be in awe to be in his company, so he does not need to make any effort ever to impress them. They appreciate what attention he gives to them. He makes them feel special because after all he is truly a nice person. He knows what he wants from this type of woman. They get what they want from him as well except matrimony. When George decides he needs more in his life that his present taste in women can offer him, he will find a woman that challenges him. He will actually need to make an effort as she won't be easy to win over.

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