Thin New Couple Alert: Mischa Barton and Taylor Locke

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A lot has been made about recent clips of Mischa Barton nude.

Recent rumors, however, make it sound as though Rooney guitarist Taylor Locke wouldn't be so impressed by this sight: he's already tapped it numerous time.

Stoned Mischa Barton

Locke and Barton were spotted (below) having lunch in West Hollywood last week. The thin, terrible actress stopped by a memorial concert for filmmaker Brandon Schantz at the Roxy, where Locke's band performed.

After the show, Barton retreated backstage before coming out with her new man, holding him around the waist and kissing him on the lips.

Turn away, Ryan Atwood: Mischa Barton and Taylor Locke are dating.


Mischa is not awful actress... yall shutup about that.. No she to thin! She seem to be now be getting a trainer... lol Mischa Barton is awesoe and i love her!!! Rooney is awesoe band... I wish them best luck! I wish Mischa n Taylor best as well!


She resembles someone who was in Taylor's life the past couple of years… Allison Robertson! Google it and you will think the same.
But, Taylor….. WHY? Allison has it all; brains, beauty, humor and she KILLS on the guitar (she should have given you some tips while you were dating). Were you getting sick of being in the shadow of your girlfriend the past 5 years because you'll never compare to her? Possibly!


I ♥ ROONEY.......She sure loves guys who are in a band I guess =) Anyway, They are a really great band. I bet you anything this whole thing is a publicity stunt to get their band some exposure. THEY NEED TO BLOW UP. I have been a fan for a few years and I think they are awesomme. ♥

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