The Hollywood Gossip Caption Contest 23

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Welcome, celebrity gossip readers across the world, to The Hollywood Gossip Caption Contest, a fun tradition and Friday afternoon fan-favorite.

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    Congrats on fienelg settled! I, too, am dreaming of the day when I get to look at all of my books at one time, instead of having half of them in boxes in the attic.


    Hmmmm. I could talk to this real wall, or the moiaphertc one out there. Boy, this is a pretty wall. Much prettier than those assholes. Decision made, hello wall.


    Bunny: a ring would look quite nice on this finger
    Bush: sorry, I spent all the money on the war
    Bunny: figures :(


    "Oh! Bin Laden, thank god. I knew I'd find you, my furry little friend.


    Bush: well it's not osama but it's a start. bunny: wow! He does exist!


    George W Bush is on the cutting edge of the new sex craze called 'furring'. Who knew he was a furvert?
    I wonder if he ever wears the animal suits?


    George Bush deeply regrets that America will never accept inter-species marriages,thus, keeping him from his first love.


    Bunny bush


    GB: Hey Fluffy... you got any job openings? I'm gonna be out of one on January 20.

    EB: I'm a registered Democrat. Sorry man.


    What holiday is this again?

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