The Hollywood Gossip Caption Contest 22

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Welcome to all celebrity news and gossip across the world. The Hollywood Gossip Caption Contest. Let's take a look at who won this week's edition of the caption contest, featuring the great Kevin Federline, and his friend Jack ...

Really, you guys make it very hard to pick a winner with your great entries. But we have to choose one, so we took Debbie. A short and sweet one.

K-Fed Pic

Congratulations! Scroll down the page for the winning entry (under the pic) and the full list of submissions. Thanks for playing and good luck again this week!

"This is why I got custody!" 


this is for britney bitch!


Danny Bonaduci looks damn good tonight!!


I told ye all I was Irish............Oh crap, this is Scottish Whiskey!


do you think this will help me lose some weight?


Mmmm. Whiskey. A little more of this stuff and Britney will start to look like she did when we got married...

Free britney

This shot is for you, Sean and Jayden!


Now lets see if we can make that girl over there look good.


Remember, Sean Preston, liquor before beer, you're in the clear.


Yo, three more bottles of this and Shar Jackson will look hot!


Party-goers give thanks that this bottle of Jack Daniels isn't a microphone.

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