The American Idol Power Poll: Volume X

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We're proud to present the tenth-ever American Idol Power Poll on The Hollywood Gossip.

While the views of our staff don't always match those of viewers around the glove, they do at least drum up reactions and comments. Check out our latest rankings below - and then let us know your take on how we gauge the chances of various contestants:

David Archuleta, No Pants!

1. David Cook: He may not look as hardcore as Chris Daughtry, but this rocker is as original and creative as anyone in the show's history not named Blake Lewis. For taking risks and appearing genuinely flattered by the praise he receives, David Cook sits comfortably in our top spot.

2. Brooke White (pictured): We'll give props to any contestant that has a gimmick and sticks to it. As a female version of John Mayer, White is a breathe of folksy, fresh, singing/songwriting air. She could easily be the next Carly Simon or Sherl Crow.

3. David Archuleta: Cover your eyes, David Archuleta fans, but we're gonna say it: this guy is boring! Sure, he has a great voice and a cute face. But if performance counts in the competition - as Simon tells Kristy Lee Cook every week - than Archuleta has to jazz up his renditions with more than just passionate stares into the camera.

4. Carly Smithson: Not pregnant, but definitely talented. The Irish should sail through to the final five.

5. Michael Johns: Hasn't done a lot to make himself stand out over the last couple weeks, but there's no way we can put him below Syesha, Kristy Lee, Jason Castro or Ramiele. Johns could use an impressive performance tomorrow night to help his overall chances.

On the Block: Kristy Lee Cook, Syesha Mercado

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I'm sorry although Brooke White may come across as "America's Sweetheart", she is very boring. I fail to find the appeal. Sorry.


WOOHOO! Dark Horse David moves into 1st Place. Thank you HG for being the voice of reason and good taste... Best year and best Idol (DC) yet!


Brooke White rocks my socks when she performs with the piano.. its just heart-warming!! i love how her make up looks totally natural.. but other ppl like carly smithison wears to much dark eye make-up. i love how Brooke White is so colorful, like when she sang here comes the sun she wore yellow carly would have probably worn black!! it just bothers me!! CARLY WEARS BLACK WAYWAYWAY TO MUCH!!


David Cook rocks!!! my favorites are the 2 Davids. i think this year has the most talent everyone good now that chikezie left so now i will be sad when anyone else leaves, although the ppl that will win is pretty predictable!! i feel bad for kristy she has been in the bottom rounds ALMOST every time and she is just gorgeous and she has talent.. congrats to her on singing that american song.. haha i 4got the name!! haha


David Cook is gonna win!! He's the best there,I wish him the best of luck.He's soo amazingly talented and has a gorgeous voice,i love him.
He has my votes!