The American Idol Power Poll: Volume VII

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With American Idol having chosen its top 12 singers for the finals, we need to make our weekly Power Poll more of a challenge.

Choosing the top five contenders at this point in the competition would be listing almost half the remaining singers. And that's too easy.

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Therefore, here's a look at the three American Idol hopefuls we think have the best chance of winning season seven:

1. David Archuleta: Can this 17-year old wonder kid go wire to wire as the favorite? He's given us no reason to think otherwise. Remember Melinda Doolittle last season, though, fans.

2. Brooke White: This might be wishful thinking, but White is a breath of fresh, folksy air. We've seen enough loud, diva-like singers over the year on Idol to get behind a pretty face who just sits on a stool, strums a guitar and makes beautiful music.

3. Carly Smithson: We could have placed either Michael Johns or Jason Castro in this spot, too, but Smithson gets the nod for her consistency. We also have a feeling the best is yet to come from this Irish crooner.

Who do you think will win American Idol?


OK YOU ARE ABSOLUTELY CRAZY IF YOU LIKE JASON CASTRO. he is NOT good at singing and just because you think he's cute (which HE ISN'T!!! i hate those dreads!) then that doesn't mean you should vote for him. umm... incase you haven't noticed it's a SINGING competition and uhh look who we're talking about. JASON CASTRO! if he were on the radio i would switch the channel! and seriously he is as dumb as george bush. don't vote for jason! VOTE FOR EITHER ONE OF THE DAVIDS :)


I think that David Cook and David Archuleta should be the two finalists. I think that David Cook should win though because his style I think would become very popular. Remember Chris Daughtry??? David Cook is just another one of him and the more the merrier! Besides, David Archuleta is cute and does have a good voice but doesn't exactly have that STAR personality that people would enjoy listening to on the radio or at concerts. Get what I'm saying? If this was a SINGING competition David Cook would win no doubt.


David A. will win unless he has a terrible nite and he should because the original concept of the program was "American Idol" IE teens singing idol although now the contestants get older and older. David A is what all of what the American Idol is; teen age, cute and great voice! By the way i like David C better as he is so very creative.


david cook all the way


I love Jason Castro and totally think he should win American Idol! He puts his full heart into all of his performances and his voice is so soothing! He proves that you don't have to belt out big notes to be an inspiration, do well, and be an Idol. And his personality... he seems like the sweetest guy ever. He's funny and down to earth, and don't obsess over being perfect, unlike a lot of the other contestants. :] Don't even get me started on his gorgeous looks, those dreads and his eyes. He's gorgeous. I will completely support Jason Castro since he is so amazing! <3


Are you guys on crack here? David Archuleta is a cute little boy. Carly is the real thing and if you can't notice that then you're blind and deaf. She has the power-vocals to kick ass in this competition. She has the confidence to soar in here performances. She has the looks to impress and the heart to win over millions of people. You people need to open your eyes and vote for the winner because she is the only one who deserves to win this competition. VOTE FOR CARLY!!!!!


DAVID ARCHULETA!!!!!!!!!! :) I LOVE HIM!!!! he is going to win for sure. david cook and jason castro will probably also be contenders for the title, but I DEFINITELY WANT DAVID A TO WIN!!!!!!!!!!


I LOVE DAVID! he is my absulute favorite and i love both him and his voice. he is going to win and we all know it's true even if you dont like him all that much. he's not one of those annoying people that always says ' ohhh, you really think that, thank you sooo much!' like melinda dolittle did last year. and i think thats why she lost. bottomline is;; I LOVE HIM. i will marry him too.


David archuleta is the most amazingly talented person in the world hes going to win american idol and go very far in his carrer. he has a big future


I would put David Cook, David Archuleta and Brooke White as the top faves - with Brooke having the greatest post-idol success. Carly Smithson does have an amazing voice but so far she's failed to create an emotional connection between her songs and her audience. So I can't see her going very far at all. The rest are great entertainment - but I don't think we'll remember them after this year's idol run.

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