The American Idol Power Poll: Volume VIII

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Sorry, David Archuleta lovers, but you cannot forget the lyrics to a song and hold on to the top spot in our American Idol Power Poll.

Feel free to write in and voice your complaints about your favorite singer dropping in the rankings - just make sure not to forget the words when you do...

Lee in the Finals

1. Brooke White: Every time we see White strumming the guitar or fingering the piano, we can't help but think of folk sensation Patty Griffin. White is an American Idol original with a huge career ahead of her.

2. David Cook: Chris Daughtry proved that an Idol rocker can have a bright future. Cook has a serious shot at being the first to actually capture the show's title.

3. David Archuleta: He's still cute. He still has a great voice. But fans must ask themselves: can you actually see Archuleta as a best-selling artist?

Stage fright got the best of David Archuleta last week. Can he recover?


brooke is great..she's really talented and look really charming on stage..i hope she wins!! i just love her..


first, American Idol is SUPPOSED to be a SINGING contest, but nothing is going to stop it from being the POPULARITY contest that it is unfortunately, everyone on the show right now, besides Kristi Lee, is very talented and has a great voice and Michael shuould def still be on the show.
second, I won't be surprised at all if it's the two Davids in the finale, ,and they're both very deserving of it. Either could win it easily, both are very talented and have star quality.
third, I don't care how young Arculeta is, Jordin Sparks won, didn't she? And yes, he's still is a little awkward and nervous with his stage presence but so were so many other contests on Idol, but they EVOLVE and LEARN! so give him a break! he is an AMAZING SINGER, which is really what the show is supposed to be about.


i can definitely see David as a best-selling artist! not only is he absolutely adorable and i want to put him in my pcoket, but his extraordinarily talented and has an AMAZING voice! in my opinoin, those are two of the most important qualities a hi artist; voice and personality.


How can you not love David Not only does he have great vocals but he is so smoking hot!


Go David Cook! Woooohoooo~


He's a young Josh Groban. He has great vocal skills and has the ability to add soul to his music. He also has the ability to feel and connect with the audience. This is a plus. Can you say the same for all the others contestants. I think not. We need young men in this troubled world we live in. He brings up hope.


Yea this guy will be best selling because of all his little tweeny fans but ultimately his voice is soulful and it all depends on what kind of songs companies will have him sing whether he will blast off or fall flat. I already know his first cd will have millions buying it because of his household name but whether people will like it.... a whole other story. The kid is talented yes, but it all depends on how his talent is used. And if this kid becomes a singer turned actor I will be sorely disappointed


David Archuleta will do incredible. He has a great voice, he is young, good looking and a humble personality. We need more singers like him for all generations. No I am not a tween but a Mom in my 40's. Great role model for American Idol. Sparks won because of her vocals she was totally boring on the show, Carrie Underwood won because of her vocals and she represented the title well. Go David A I will be bying your CDs


I dont know why people are saying that David A. is too young for this competition. Jordin Sparks was the same age as him when she won season 6. He also has a great personality and can get a lot of people to love him and support him. His voice is amazing and I know he will be a best-selling-artist someday - even if he doesnt win. Most likely he will because girls are obsessed with his cuteness and innocence.


I'm from the philippines. People all around ask me who I'm cheering for and expect me to say Ramielle. But I'm only cheering for DAVID A. When he auditioned, to me he seemed amazing. And from then on, I've been cheering for him. Some people say the other idols have got it going on, but I say I'm for David all the way. He's sweet and lovable. He's already got fans around the world. :) He's got the voice, the looks AND the personality!
I love David!

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