The American Idol Power Poll: Volume VIII

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Sorry, David Archuleta lovers, but you cannot forget the lyrics to a song and hold on to the top spot in our American Idol Power Poll.

Feel free to write in and voice your complaints about your favorite singer dropping in the rankings - just make sure not to forget the words when you do...

Lee in the Finals

1. Brooke White: Every time we see White strumming the guitar or fingering the piano, we can't help but think of folk sensation Patty Griffin. White is an American Idol original with a huge career ahead of her.

2. David Cook: Chris Daughtry proved that an Idol rocker can have a bright future. Cook has a serious shot at being the first to actually capture the show's title.

3. David Archuleta: He's still cute. He still has a great voice. But fans must ask themselves: can you actually see Archuleta as a best-selling artist?

Stage fright got the best of David Archuleta last week. Can he recover?


David Archuleta is amazing. period. no questions asked. he's so humble and he has an amazing voice. and he's totally cute. =) he totally deserves to win idol. and so does David Cook. but either way, i'll be happy if one of those two win. if one doesn't win, the other will definately be getting a record deal so we'll still be hearing more of them later. if jason castro wins, i swear i will stop watching american idol.


David Cook has got it all going on. He can write songs, sing and make the songs his own. Jason Castro must go and go now. He is only on this show because all the little "girls" think he is cute. Give me a break. This is a talent show not a show for how cute you are (and he is not cute by any means!!). They really need to re-do how this is done if they want to stick around becuase everything I've been reading is not very positive




in MY OPINION, i think most of david archuleta fans are girls and the MAIN reason they like him is because hes cute or hot or whatever. he is good at singing, i will say that but the other finalists does too. i used to be a fan of him but i realized some contestants are better singers than him. sorry to david A fans. just my opinion.


-come on you guys! we all know that david a. WILL surely win. it's all because of his great looks, his voice and his smile and his damningly hottnessssssssssssssssssss.-


i really wish david cook wins!! he's obviously the bestt no doubt! him singing 'always be my baby' was so sincere and awesomeeee!! i love david cook!


I predict... maybe last stand for 2 finalists to compete will be those two Davids: Archuleta and Cook. I choose Cook 'coz he's cool and could turns any kind of songs to enjoyable rock songs!!! He gave something "new" to American Idol.


i am 100% sure that he will be a best selling artist because people cant just get enough of David A.. thats why i know he will be succesful in his singing career.. ü


What is wrong with you guys? david archulet is TEH BOMB! hes gonna OWN at american idol.


you have my vote... ever time!

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