The American Idol Power Poll: Volume VIII

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Sorry, David Archuleta lovers, but you cannot forget the lyrics to a song and hold on to the top spot in our American Idol Power Poll.

Feel free to write in and voice your complaints about your favorite singer dropping in the rankings - just make sure not to forget the words when you do...

Lee in the Finals

1. Brooke White: Every time we see White strumming the guitar or fingering the piano, we can't help but think of folk sensation Patty Griffin. White is an American Idol original with a huge career ahead of her.

2. David Cook: Chris Daughtry proved that an Idol rocker can have a bright future. Cook has a serious shot at being the first to actually capture the show's title.

3. David Archuleta: He's still cute. He still has a great voice. But fans must ask themselves: can you actually see Archuleta as a best-selling artist?

Stage fright got the best of David Archuleta last week. Can he recover?


te amo eres hermoso te ves precioso cuando cantas la parte de somos el mundo eres tan lindo divinoo¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡........XDXDXDXDXDXDX I LOVE DAVID ARCHULETA


hi!there.....david I really like ur all albums........the crush,touch my hand & a little 2 not over u...gud luck to your up coming opportunities


hello!david archuleta i really your all albums,it serves as my inspiration,gud luck to your up coming opportunities....................


I agree but Archie will get used to performing and he should do just fine!!! Love you Archie!!! <3


Hey!!!! Mr. Archuleta, you know what i really like you to win..At your age you have a big voice..! i want someday to meet you here in philipines..You know what your my inspiration..


AMERICA REMEMBER WHAT SIMON STATED WEEKS AGO....He stated that he believed David Cook would take it this year. Simon is usually right on. Simon I hope you are right about that one. All three of the judges have made comments about David Cook from the start. He is 100% the best in my opinion. Make us proud David Cook....We love you...


I'm for David Cook all the way. He is by far the best. He not only can sing but he can put on a show. He has the whole package just like they stated from the start. David A. doesn't have the whole package. Syesha should be next to go. DAVID COOK IS AMAZING! AMERICA IT'S TIME FOR A ROCKER TO WIN! He deserves it hands down. David A. forgot the words, David Cook has not.


i agree with this statement:
David Archuleta: He's still cute. He still has a great voice. But fans must ask themselves: can you actually see Archuleta as a best-selling artist? i mean i still think he has a good chance of winning but i think that David Cook will fare better (similar to Daughtry selling more and becoming more famous than most of the others on his season) David A is amazing but i dont think he has as much variety. he will probably win though since any contestant that i've ever wanted to win has never gotten the title. just saying though that the title American Idol doesnt really mean anything anyway, if they have what it takes then people that like them are going to follow them either way and they will gain new fans as well, esp. if they are one of the front runners.


yeah i totally agree with you... david archuleta will win american idol because he's just 10 times better and i love him :)


whaat the hell, david cook isnt going to win. hes okay and all but david a. is WAAY better. he has experience and a lot of people love him. hes been on top since day 1. theres no doubt that hes gona win. david cook should be 2nd :p

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