Sorry Ladies: David Archuleta Has a Girlfriend!

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Aside from the performance of David Cook, one of the biggest revelations of last night's episode of American Idol may not have taken place on stage.

Sitting right next to David Archuleta's father in the American Idol audience was ... wait for it ... his girlfriend! Yes, the 17-year-old is off the market!

David Archuleta Girlfriend!

After David Archuleta performed on American Idol Tuesday, he received generally positive comments from the judges while his dad and girlfriend looked on.

While millions of teenage girls may have had their hearts broken by this news, one woman is happy about it: Carly Smithson. She was by far the most hated person on American Idol this season before this news. Now she's got competition!

Then again, David Archuleta is still oh-so-young, and we've all seen in the past what the fame of American Idol does to pre-existing relationships

Our favorite, Carrie Underwood, broke up with her boyfriend after she won, while Anthony Fedorov broke up with a girlfriend publicly on the Internet after the show, Haley Scarnato called off her engagement, Bucky Covington got a divorce, etc.

Keep hope alive, David Archuleta lovers!


hi david
thats not matter if you d'ont have girlfriend like others because person like you can find everything not just girlfriend .
and if you wanna have girlfriend you should choise someone has real love actually real to share it with you because real love is great and fintastic it leaves you live in heaven .
about away every girl can be yours because you are dorrible and cute this is girls says.
about away i love your songs


Hey, David! I'm LDS too! Love your song "wait for you". These gals are falling in love with you!! Oh my gosh! Just choose the right one for you!


Hey, David! I'm LDS too! Love your song "wait for you". These gals are falling in love with you!! Oh my gosh! Just choose the right one!


omggggg ur song crush is the best any way i just want to say that it doesent matter if ur fans are falling in love with u just pick the right girll the girl that seems good and proper to u ok ? ur a cute guy


omgggg ur so cute its like i wana eat youuu its like i wana kill saymon u know the amirecan idol hero coz he rejected u he should be shame on himself but what ever every one has gf and it doesent matter if ur fans are inlove with u just pick the right girl u know ur dream lol


david,u're a famouse singer...ya should have a girlfriend like others...but...believe me...i'm in love with u just becauce YOU ARE NOT like others baby...plz dont make us mad...i broke up with my boyfriend,cuz when he asked meh bout any other boys in my life...i answered him you are my life....david plz i wont love anyone, till you are my love!xxx


i love u david very much...please don't have a girlfriend. i'm beg u...:(


Heylow david??you're the best..and i will always support you..but there's 0ne thing i can't imagine,that you already has a girlfriend..impossible for me to believe it......


David, I have been practically dreaming about you in all my life! I love you so much!


I love David Archuleta very much!!!!!!!!!!
Hope for his success in his life...

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