Shayne Lamas: Crazy Even By Bachelor Standards

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All reality TV show contestants entertain us in their own ways, but we may truly have something special and unique in Shayne Lamas from The Bachelor.

She's Lorenzo Lamas' daughter, for one, but it goes beyond that. There is a longing, a desperation to be famous lingering deep within Shayne Lamas that defies even the lofty expectations set forth by appearing on The Bachelor at all.

She made her mark early on this season, emerging as one of the more insane assertive girls during the cocktail party premiere of The Bachelor.

That was just her getting warmed up.

During Monday night's episode, Shayne went all-in at a competition in Las Vegas in which the girl who won the most money got a date with Matt Grant.

She lost all her money instantly. Then cried about it.

Shayne Lamas complained, fighting back tears all the way, about how she's having such a hard time sharing Matt Grant with all the other girls.

She even pulled Matt aside and whined about how awful it is - it's just breaking her heart, people - for her to share a man. *whimper*

A man she's talked to for about 14 minutes in life. On a reality show.

She decided she's going to stay on the show, because she "might have feelings" for Matt Grant. She definitely has them for fame.

We salute you, Shayne Lamas. Keep up the good work


Wow, Sharon. You sure sound bitter. Are you really Chelsea?


well i can say she can act it wasn't fair but she got the last rose i think the show was a setup and shayne father had something to do with it . Matt knew lenrzo lamas and he played realgood matt gave the show away and he don't eve realize it so i hope the next bachelor is better and he pick the right one shayne i s ajoke ahe 22 year old and a dizzle blonde and not ready for children all she ready is sex and for a lot of comments on how is look and her watches, rings, hats, carsand shoes and that very muntity to me.


I picked Shayne out right off the bat. You could see the sparks immediately. I wish them the best and hope they make it. I'm rooting for them. Here's to love at first sight.


way to go!!! we're proud of you back home... we'd love for you to bring Matt by the old stomping ground :) take care!


Well, the big dummy PICKED Shayne, didn't he?
Her own father said he wasnt' sure she was on it for any other reason then to "act her way through it" and get on TV- in anything!" Well, apparently she DID. She's a tarted up, California bleached blonde AIRHEAD- and the little girl looking for a daddy act is just this side of sickening. Now he's engaged to her- which only proves that even a sophisticated man like Matt Grant can fall victim to a "B" list actress- and not a very good one at that.


You go Shayne.........don't give the negative comments a second thought!!!!! One life, no dress rehearsal...........


You go Shayne!! deserve it. If Matt choose Chelsea vs. Shayne she would of probably lost it, Chelsea didn't really seem to mind. I think her feelings are true.


Oh come on ladies, who hasn't thrown about a bit of drama now and again. She came off rather sincere for a young lady of her age. True, marriage might be a tough time for her, but take a look at her family. I wasn't too fond of her at the start, but I began to understand why Matt was taken with her in the end. She really comes off as a sweetie, but I am not in her life on a daily basis, so I cannot make assumptions. I am not the person looking to marry her and I am not alone with her, learning exactly who she is. She sure changed my mind. I like her.


My daughter was friends with Shayne when she lived in Lake Havasu City. Shayne was very endearing at that age, albeit a clutz, often tripping over things. But, she should be admired for working hard to make something of herself despite the quite dysfunctional family she was born in. She had (I can't speak for her now) a real genuiness about her and nothing of the arrogance and snobbery that her brother A.J. had who was in my son's classes.


Shayne is a genious compared to Amanda who can't even string a sentence together without using the word LIKE every other word. No wonder he dumped her last night. How could he bring a bimbo like her home, like, to meet his parents.

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