Shayne Lamas: Crazy Even By Bachelor Standards

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All reality TV show contestants entertain us in their own ways, but we may truly have something special and unique in Shayne Lamas from The Bachelor.

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    I saw the writing on the wall. She's the type that likes the challenge of getting what she wants, then when she gets it she moves on to the next challenge. She's a spoiled, selfish, immature brat. Matt is better off. To bad he didn't see through her.


    I think Shayne is simply must admit the Actress was most evident in her language & speech..with her "OH MATT" clearly deserved a standing ovation. I do see how poor Matt could have become mesmerised with her beauty, body, childlike qualities but most of all her generous affection toward's a pit it did not last!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1


    For the life of me, anyone should have seen through her spoiled brat selfishness and she's probably the most over dramatically insincere person ever on the show. Her performance when he proposed to her was really pathetic. Brad is much better off when this doomed affair ended quick. Shayne is so immaturely "in to herself", its sad. Of course her mom appeared the same way. Dysfunctional is not the word for this entire family.


    Wow...could ya'll look any stupider now that they've dumped each other? lol
    A "genious" could spell GENIUS right...dumbbutt

    A to her 7th grade teacher that said WAY TO GO...might have been a tad premature. Do you REALLY think some royal british millionaire is going to want a long term relationship with a 22 yr old Hollywood actress?
    They all sucked in reality. No pun intended ha


    OMG - you mean a serious relationship with a Hollywood bimbette didn't work out? What is the world coming to?

    Hey Matt, WTF were you thinking?


    The writing was on the wall. He did not read English well.
    She wanted to be a star, her dad even told Matt so. When will these people just find love the way it should be. Be youself, no cameras to kiss and cozy with. Only one couple has survived this. Will Deanna and Jessie be next?


    Jesus... it would really be cool to find out who started the whole reality show genre, and feed him or her to a bunch of starving crocodiles... every time you turn around, there's more garbage like this on more channels... like we americans aren't lazy and voyeuristic enough without all this crap to dumb us down even more... god help us... I only grudgingly clicked the preview on Yahoo main page because I was morbidly curious to see what kind of dribble people are saying about this one... and wasn't surprised... thanks, people, for telling these idiot writers to continue giving America and the world this kind of garbage!


    They dont have a good track record because relationships dont work when it is the men being pursued. it works better when its the other way around.


    Doesn't anyone spell check anymore? If you are trying to get a point across, please use good grammar and punctuation.
    I like Shayne, but we'll see where this goes. They don't have a very good track record on this show.


    Or Amanda? Robin, maybe?

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